Slow Learner

I’m just starting to get the hang of one-foot riding with my dominant foot. That is, sometimes I can ride, go to one foot, do a few revolutions, drop to one-foot idling, then continue one-foot riding, then repeat once or twice.

I’ve been working on this a while. A fairly accurate, conservative calculation says that I’ve made around 10,000 attempts at this particular skill.


Re: Slow Learner

Ah, now I understand my problem. I’m only on 7999 attempts. :slight_smile:


That’s great determination. Congratulations on learning to ride one-footed. Are you going from a one-foot idle to one-foot riding?

Andrew Carter

I can’t do this trick, but I just saw a video about it by Unicycle . com. Casey Drummond learned this trick by first lightening up with his weak foot, then letting off all together all at full speed. When he slowed down he lost it. At a convention he discovered the trick of propping his weak foot up on the frame. I don’t know if he could idle on one foot, good video though… :sunglasses:

Now I can go from 2-foot riding to 1-foot riding, from 1-foot riding to 2-foot riding, from 1-foot idling to 1-foot riding, from 1-foot riding to 1-foot idling. Dominant foot only so far. I basically can mount into all three as well. My consistency on each is improving, but they are not all the same. 1-foot idling I can do with each foot and have been for months, though. The riding took a lot longer for me.

At first I tried the full speed thing, suggested to me by David Stone, which worked great for him but apparently not for me. I tried lots of things until I found something that I thought would eventually bear fruit: rollback mount, one rev 2-footed, lift right foot onto the frame, try to ride one rev and go directly into 1-f idling. This is what I did so many times. Eventually it started working. The advantage is that this is starting out at slow speed, so I’m not uncomfortable going slowly. But I have a ways to go before I have full control over a range of conditions though.

ooh just wait till you try your weak foot, its like learning to idle all over again.

still, serves me right for being lazy.

a while ago i spent about a week trying to crank idle unsuccessfully untill i realised that i was trying to crank idle with my weak foot down. that was stupid.

Please pardon my ignorance, but what is crank idling?

  • Sal

To crank idle, stand on the crank with one foot and idle with the pedal on the same side using the other foot. Both feet are on the same side. Tammy and Tanya’s excellent site has pictures of both of them crank idling. Look under tricks to try. They can do anything.