slow forward and slow backward competition?

Just noticed these titles in the Unicon results. Is this exactly what it sounds like (going around a track as slow as possible)? What are the rules? Are you allowed to stillstand or do you have to keep moving? Sounds like an interesting type of race…

Check section 2.20.4 and 2.20.5 of

2.20.4 Slow Forward
The object is to ride in a continuously forward motion as slowly as possible without stopping, going backward, hopping, or
twisting more than 45 degrees to either side. Two different board sizes are used: Age 0-10: 10m x 30cm. Age 11-UP: 10m x
15cm. The Slow Race is measured using the bottom of the unicycle wheel. Riders start with the bottom of the wheel on the
starting line. On command by the Starter, the rider must immediately start forward motion and let go of starting posts. The
timer stops the watch when the bottom of the tire touches either the finish line, or the ground after the line on boards that end
at the finish line. Riders can be disqualified for very slight stops or backward motions, twisting more than 45o to the side,
riding off the sides of the board, or dismounting. Riders get two attempts. There are no crank arm length or wheel size
restrictions for this event. No safety gear is required.
2.20.5 Slow Backward
This is the same as the slow forward race EXCEPT: 0-10 ride on 60cm board, 11-Up ride on 30cm board.