Slipping Schlumpf and short axle??

Anybody have similar problem and/or answers?

I have a minimally used, on simple street riding, KH/Shlumpf hub on 36" uni that suddenly, while on a ride, began freewheeling in low gear It will not engage at all in low, but will in high.

I now have it out of frame and without cranks and buttons which, it seems to me, eliminates any incorrect adjustment issues?..and it still freewheels in low.

I never noticed before, but now see with curiosity, that the axle shaft on the side with the un-knurled bearing has no visible snap ring, and is only 14mm long, while the axle shaft on the other knurled bearing side is 18mm long. This seems suspicious. Can anybody confirm that this is normal or abnormal?

Can this be fixed?

I didn’t really read through the whole thread but it might help

Thats it…but how to fix it??

GShoe, Thanks!

I had actually read through that thread already, but I missed what I have pasted below…and I am sure now that IS the same problem. But I see no way to force the short axle out so that I could put a new snap ring in…and no idea where to get a snap ring, or cir-clip or what ever it is called, either??

Hope someone knows what to do and comments here.


“on my most-recent-generation schlumph, i managed to loose a little cir-clip that keeps the bearings from sliding along the axel. there’s a little lip on the axel next to the bearings where they sit. when mine was missing, my wheel would engage in geared mode all the time. when in 1to1 mode, it would engage for a moment then freewheel after a few revs.”


I’ve never owned, ridden, or seen a Schlumpf and am unaware of its exact anatomy, but could you put your crank, with way more spacers than usual, on the short side only and tighten the crank. Hopefully the spacers will only be pushing on the inner race of bearing and as long as the crank doesn’t go too far on it (in my head) should pull the axle to the short side. Kind of like the way a crank extractor works.

Just a thought.

You should be able to find C clips/snap rings at any decent hardware store, or if you know a mechanic they probably have some laying around that they would give you. they aren’t very expensive.

I don’t understand how people are loosing these things, but saam’s idea should work if the axle has slipped. Just STOP if you feel any extra resistance and give the hub a spin, you could be mashing the gears together.

Obviously the safe thing to do would be to send the hub to Florian to fix but then you would probably be without a hub for half a year.

The snap rings are the easy part. The problem is that the axle shaft is pressed in, (not in the normal position) and the groove for the snap ring is hidden by hub. Can’t pull it out by hand, and I’m afraid to force it unless someone who knows says that would be ok to do.
Am waiting for an answer from Florian.