Slippery Stairs & Stuff

Been quite busy with work and life as of late BUT finally got some riding in. Succeeded in a long and steep stair challenge that has been taunting me for a while.
A bit of back yard trials type crap as well. Wheel walking … trying…
Young people take heed… ride as much as you can while you are young and life and responsibility do not hold you in their wily grip. Time is short when adulthood arrives. Elder speaks…
Cool. Thanks for all the inspiration here on this site!

Enjoyed it very much Shug… Keep it simple :wink:


Hey … thanks UniKid2.
Simple and short…

i liked it. it was short, but I liked it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Cool vid, nice stairs and skinny riding and wheelwalking. Looks like you’re getting pretty close to unispins, too!

I like your back yard

Nice vid, fun. I like your back yard.

I swanny … thanks E…

Gonna get that unispin. 'Preciate it!

Cool. I love my back yard as well. Good place to have some fun.

Shug, you’re progressing quite fast and getting better. Riding those stairs is quite a thing, they still freak me out a little. Great video !!

You’re improving fast there shug! Yay for us old farts!:smiley:

Glad that you think so! Yeah, those stairs are scary … but really exciting. Plus, I still cannot hop as high as I would like so did the stairs. That just take nerve. :astonished:

Thankee Terry. I did fart riding those stairs. Shook the gas right out me. :roll_eyes:

Nice Improve!
Wheel walk is really hard to learn! Congrats

Nice job rolling those stairs! I like the back yard setup.
Well done video. Keep it up.

great video !

Fun video to watch, awesome stuff. Wheel-walking to me ages to learn, so keep at it

It’s hard and I am still working on it!

Keep it up I will … Thanks!

I wish I had ages!!! Thankee