Slight Coker accident today

I had some time inbetween school bus route driving today and it was beautiful, sunny, and about 70 degrees. So I headed for the bike path to test out my new 5" cranks. I had been running with the Bicycle Euro 5½".

Raphael talked about scenery earlier, today it was my downfall when I saw the bird singing in the tree but not the pavement repair spot that I hit. I did the ol’ 10 mph tuck and roll and only left a tiny bit of skin behind. The brunt of the contact though came on my wrist guards and my helmet when my head hit during the roll. I’m none worse for the wear but I did come away with a slight headache. Gotta love that protective equipment.

Of course when the horse kicks you off…

Glad you’re ok, Bruce. Let the nose and ears enjoy the journey, but keep your eyes on the road.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Hope that “headache” goes away. Good save, Bruce. Don’t get hurt before I see you at NAUCC.

Is that a guarantee you will be there? I hope so!