Sliding with a uni?

Last night, it was very bad weather, -10, lots of snow, and it was blowing lite crazy.

Anyway, on my way back (at 03:20), it was all calm, with 5 cm of powder snow in the ground. I didn’t think of it as much, but when i came to make a turn, i realised, i could actualy slide with my uni. :smiley:

Maby it’s not much, but it was loads of fun.

I tried to take a picture of the best one (a allmost 2 meter long 10 cm wide track wich turned about 90 degrees), but of course, the battery was flat! (we’ve heard thatone before, haven’t we?) :frowning:

Edit: it is the upper one of the two tracks that is mine.

Sweet! Do you use chains, studs, a knobby tire, or just a street tire? I rode all last winter here in Quebec on a street tire, and I’m looking forward to the winter with my muni now (except that it’s a thunderstorm outside… It’s almost december!!!)

yuo know what else is alot of fun sliding on dirt after coming down a fast hil just turn qiuckly and you should slide:D

There is a hill near my house with loose dirt, and whenever i go down it I slide about 10 feet of the 25’…

Right after it rains, my friends and I go on ‘mud runs.’ Basically downhill MUni in the mud. It’s soooo much fun!

we had a snow fall at canadian thankgiving it snowed pretty deep and i had a street uni and i couldnt move so i bought a knobby tire but now i have my muni so im fine but it still slides nicely


i was able to do burn out in the snow…

probbly the most fun i have had on a uni was when i was in the snow, i was pracitcing crank flips (the kind where ur feet are on the pedals) on the street. i got the idea to try it inn the snow. i was able to shoot snow!!! i could spray snow about 25 feet!!!

Crank flips is a name already assigned to a certain skill, you must use a different name. I call these crank spins, but I’m sure they get called other things (the ones where your feet are on the pedals). I also highly doubt that you were able to spray snow anywhere close to 25 feet. That’s around 7.6m, or around say 4 average-height men lying on the ground.

why does everyone not belive me!!!

it was darn close to 25’