Sliding see-saws are really, really fun!

Inspired by the footage I saw of this years Red Bull Ride, I decided to try a sliding see-saw. I’ve posted a video of the one in the Red Bull Ride in the Miscellaneous Videos section of my gallery. My sliding see-saw was simple: a sleeper sitting freely on top of a couple of (and eventually three) cable spools, and a little ramp leading up to it. I set it up on thick grass so it didn’t move too freely and it worked great!

My best sliding distance was about 1.50m but I never made it over the fulcrum point (that’s the right word isn’t it?). Today’s efforts left me with a huge grin on my face, knowing that someday I’ll make it al the way along. It’s such a good feeling.

I’ve posted some videos in the Trials Videos section of my gallery. They look really strange.

I love unicycling!


I made a little series of pictures from the 1.50m slide…

That looks really cool!

I see what you mean about not being able to slide over the fulcrum. Perhaps it would help to do it on cement, or other surface with less friction.

Next you have to leave a skateboard on the other side of the sliding see-saw, slide up to it, then ride onto the board. Once you get that down, you can ride the skateboard (while on your uni of course) on some sort of half pipe or other ramp.


I often ride in town with some skaters. We invariably end up at the skate park where I get to try all kinds of things, but it isnt really a good park compared to some others …
anyway, seeing your vids inspired me to try to ride up, do a rolling hop onto a skateboard, and roll along on it for a bit.
1st Attempt. Made the landing but the skateboard flew out from in front of me and I landed on my feet.
2nd attempt. Tried to lean further forward upon landing to stop it from sliding in front, resulted in it sliding out from under me and me landing on my left wrist which is now broken (well, to be exact, sorta dislocated) I cant use it for two weeks. Luckliy it isnt my hopping hand so I can still ride, but you can bet I’ll start wearing wristgaurds at least when trying this stuff (I dont wear any protection, not even a helmet unless im doing Muni).
All this was done on my kh24. I should have tried it on my 20 I guess…
I’ll give it another go when the arm heals, and if I ever buy a digital video camera post video…but that is waaaay down my ‘to buy when have funds’ list - I’d rather spend money on a new 20" trials uni like a summit or something than a video camera, which is about the same price if I consider how much itll cost to bring into australia…

That sounds like fun, but sorry to hear about the wrist. How about some photos? You own a digital still camera don’t you?

Let’s not forget GP Unicycles ;).


GP Unicycles? We’ll see.
I just want something with a little less weight than the KH24 (Ok, a loooot less weight) to throw around stairs, rails, grabs etc. Now Ive got my kh24 I barely ride the dodgy 20inch any more unless im doing skills, and it doesnt have a flat crown which is annoying.
Do the GP unis come with a flat crown or what?

Yep, it’ll be a flat crown similar but not identical to my muni frame (in your choice of colours). How’s the KH24 going? Have you taken any photos of you out muni-ing yet?


p.s. Please check your PM’s

The KH24 is great, really, really good. The 3" tyre is a blast of course, but the whole shebang is a bit heavy. I am thinking of changing to 140mm cranks so I can get a bit more speed…
Havent taken any photos yet - I havent got a photographer!

Can you get different sizes for the KH hub? I’ve got 145mm ones as you may or may not know and I’m really happy with them. I’ve got no regrets.


I just bought a KH20 and I was wondering what the advantage of a forward sloping crown?


To angle your foot downward for gliding. Kris Holm likes to glide so the frame is designed to suit that.


I tried it out again today with a little more success and once again a lot of fun. This time I set it up on cement so it could roll easier. It made it a little harder at first because it was so much more sensitive, but once I got over that, I was able to go all the way to the end. I’d slide along and once it got far enough, the end that I was still-standing on would automatically tip and I’d roll down off it (ie. do the asee-saw part of it). It was great! I’ve attached a little series of frames and put a video in my gallery.

Everyone should try it.


Thank you, I always woundered that. Do you have any tips for wheel walking before i glide?