Sliding see-saws and reversed helmet cams...

As I mentioned in my ‘All Terrain Muni Challenge’ thread, I just watched the coverage of the Red Bull Ride. Along with some other ridiculous stuff, I saw footage of people riding a sliding see-saw. It’s really good and I think we should try it on unicycles. I’m going to build one on the holidays. You ride up to it and once you get on, you stop suddenly. Your momentum makes you and a sliding platform slide along for a while (I realise this’d be difficult on a unicycle) and once you’ve past the fulcrum, it tips over and finishes sliding. You then have to start pedalling again to roll off the end of it.

There was also a really good helmet cam that they used where they had the camera mounted on the helmet but facing the rider. It looked really great because His head was perfectly still on the screen while his body was moving in a strange way all over the place.

I’m just about to post videos of the sliding see-saw and reversed helmet cam in the Miscellaneous Videos section of my gallery.

Here’s a photo of the see-saw (or teeter-totter)…

Looks fun hey? Don’t you just wish there was an All Terrain Muni Challenge?

red bull ride - sliding see saw.jpg

I built something like this in the fall, you ride up a 6" wide ramp onto a platform 3 feet in the air, and like 6 inches wide.

The platform is actually a trough, which has a 6" wide dolly made of 2x4 and cut up inline skate bottoms. the dolly is like. 6 feet long I think, once your on it, you slam on the breaks (biks only) and your momentum carries you and the dolly about 6 feet to the otherside where you ride off another ramp.

Utterly impossible on a unicycle.

WE also built a multi directional seee saw that hasnt yet been ridden even on 2 wheels. its deadly.

i’m done with see-saws.

But surely this’d feel completely different to other see-saws.


What if you made it so that there’s a slight decline. Then you wouldn’t hve to slam on the brakes as much and if you made sure there was a bit of friction in the platform couldn’t you pedal forwards and backwards to correct your balance? I reckon it’d be do-able.


I think sliding see-saws would be possible but only if they were really gentle.

Those normal see-saws you posted pics of just wouldn’t be rideable (in my opinion). I have limited experience of see saws with big drops but I found the impact of the pivoting platform when it stopped moving was too much, it just shook me off the uni.

A sliding gap might be fun but I can only imagine it as being like jumping on a skateboard on my uni. I’ve tried this and it hurts :slight_smile:

It’s just so darn tempting, isn’t it?


Maybe theres a way to make it work, but I dont think that with the poor quality wood I used, and my disdain for measuring things unless absolutly necessary, that I would get it to work.

If I put the horizontal see-saw on a lower pivot, and had a much gentler slide, it would be more than possible.

I’d be scared of slipping back and landing on the ‘tracks’ that the platform slides along…ouch!


I don’t think you understand why Accord NSX doesn’t like see-saws…

-Jonathan Ware-

I can post a link to the video, if it’s a neccesity.

Ah, I see…that’s terrible. I’ve never really read any details about your accident but the little bit I have read sounds scary. Is it completely healed yet?


It’s healed enough that I can function in every day life like I use to, but it will never be fully healed. I have limited mobility on the right side of my neck, and have my good and bad days with it.