Slick tire needed for my Muni

I have a 24" Nimbus Muni with a heavy 3.0 tire. I’d like to get a lightweight slick tire and tube for my ride. There are some interesting streets around here, where such conversion might serve me well. Any tire suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The Maxis Hookworm is popular. Get the 2.5" and it’d be good for street. Several top riders here use a setup like that (eg Ed Hawks, & Jacob Spera)

+1 for the hookworm. I run one on my 24 muni and have been loving it on the pavement. A great tire!

Hookworm is awesome tire! Riding it on 26 - good on many surfaces (ecxcluding wet sand).

I agree. The Hookworm is fantastic and i got one for my 26’er. But upon checking the specs for the 24", I found that at 1000g the tire is on the heavy side.


Not a slick but multi-use, fast rolling, not over-expensive and less than 700g KENDA K-rad 24*2.3.

The Hookworm is considered a heavier tire in the cycling industry but it rolls so smoothly on a uni that I doubt you will notice the weight. I run one on my Torker DX & love how it handles even on rougher road conditions.

The other bonus of the Hookworm is that you will probably only ever need to buy one of them as they pretty much last for ever.

Good luck in your tire search.

hookworm for sure! i love mine! it weighs alot less than my duro

it weighs a lot less than my duro

Thats for sure. :smiley:

I do love my Duro’s as well though.

I agree its weird tho when you first use it how fast is acclerates.

Kenda K-Rad

Below specs were taken from Kendausa.
Although these tires are of the multi use category, the weight here is most intriguing.
Have you ever fitted any of these tires on a Nimbus24 Muni Rim?


212342 SRC 24X2.30 60 58-507 SRC 80 FOLDING 650±30
212477 SRC 24X2.125 60 54-507 SRC 65 FOLDING 615±30
212468 SRC 24X1.95 60 50-507 SRC 65 FOLDING 550±30
212476 SRC 24X1.75 60 47-507 SRC 65 FOLDING 400±20

I wouldnt go any smaller than the 24X2.3

don’t get too caught up into the weight of a tire, while it has a fair amount of impact on the feel of the tire, a crappy light tire is nowhere near as good as a heavy quality tire.

Take weight into consideration, but I would value peoples opinions here much more than weight.

Was looking for some stuff at CRC and sow these tires. May be it will be interesting for you:

DMR Moto RT Tyre / 24"x2.4 / Weight: 760g (2.4")

Maxxis Holy Roller Tyre / 24"x2.4 / Weight: 425g approx

the hookworm is a light tire for a unicycle, keep in mind that bikes have two wheels and roll a lot a faster so they can get away with light tires. The hookworm is one of those tires that will blow your mind when you ride with it. There is a night and day difference with it compared to most any tire out there. I myself wish that the tire was heavier and thicker. Ive ripped through two of them in the past years. Had one blow up on me while riding, pretty cool sounding i say.

Also if you get any light tire even the hookworm (i consider light) be sure to be careful when putting it on. Try not to damage the bead because this will cause failure of the tire early on.


Not in 24" but i have 26x2.5 on a kh freeride rim and it’s huge ! I think in 24*2.3 on a nimbus rim it will be OK.


K-rad is cheap… Hookworm is probably the strongest.

What pressure are you guys running your Hookworms? Anything under 65lbs. makes for some squirrelly riding on roads with the slightest crown, but at that pressure it’s like riding on a steel rim.

I liked to ride my hookworm at 35-40 PSI.

This was on-road with a DX32 rim.

Claiming Fargo

Thanks to all for informative comments. I agree with anton005, regarding getting caught up in tire weight. Typically my unis don’t undergo any serious weight saving program. However, this time it’s different, as I am planning to conquer Fargo St. in Los Angeles. So it’s not about comfort, just being able to make it up the damned hill. Shedding weight (my own body fat, too), building strength etc are all items on my list of things to sort out.
My deadline is May 15th; to celebrate my 50th and claiming Fargo.