slick tire bad for moab?

I am riding a slick 2.10 street tire on my muni and I like it so much more than a fat 3.0 tire but will I need the nobbies for moab? I have been riding it doing street type stuff and I have only had a problem with lack of grip twice, once was because it was raining and I tried to rolling hop up a bench and I kind of slid off, the other time was when I did a pirouette in some sand on concrete and I slid out really easily. I have never been to Moab so does anyone know if my street tire will be ok or should I put my fatty duro back on for the weekend?

You might want some knobbys, yeah. A slick tire could be usable on slickrock (slickrock is like sandpaper) but on the other rides there will be a lot of loose kinda dirt around.

You might like a tire like the Kenda Kolossal 2.6 better. I’ll trade ya. :slight_smile:

haha, no thanks;)

What exactly [I]is[I] moab? From what i can gather it’s some sort of annual MUni event, can someone confirm this for me?


Moab is a city in Southern Utah very well known in the MTBike world as a MTbike haven. It’s smack dab in between Canyonlands and Arch lands National Parks.

Great place to mountain uni too, in fact.

Moab Munifest is just that-a muni festival in the town of Moab.

You’ll want the 3" tyre for Moab. Moab is more than just the slickrock trail loop. The other trails are rocky and bumpy and stair steppy. The 3" tyre will make the trail riding much more fun cause you’ll be able to plow over bumps and be more aggressive down the stair step bits.

The Porcupine Rim trail is a mix of rocky stair steps and dirt. It isn’t “slickrock”. I don’t know what the Sunday ride trail is like, but I doubt it is slickrock. The only slickrock ride is scheduled for Friday.

id say bring both… you know just in case


Ok, thanks you guys.

Brett Bymaster needed a new tire on our first Moab visit, in 2001. I think he ended up buying the slick to try it out (on his Pashley) but the guy in the shop, who was a trials bike rider and unicyclist, made a funny quote, something like: “Rain, slickrock and unicycles? Bad combination.”

We were worried it was going to rain, but it didn’t quite. If it rains, you won’t be happy with a slick tire. Also, as mentioned already, the other Moab trails, like Porcupine rim, are on “regular” dirt & rocks, so the slick won’t be the best choice for there.

When you’re riding Slickrock itself, any tire will grip. Just don’t try riding on your metal rim, as then you’ll understand the origins of the term “slick rock”. You’ll also understand the term “pain” better if you’re trying to ride on your rim, so it’s just a bad idea all around.

And speaking of rain, Moab is getting snow right now, so I’m not sure what the weather will be like by the time the MUni Fest arrives. Does anyone know what the trails are like when wet?

Up here a few hours North, I can’t go for any trail rides as they are all covered in snow (with more snow in the forecast). I guess there goes my training schedule. :frowning:

For Moab Muni Fest 2003 there were some small patches of snow (in the shady areas) on the first part of the Porcupine Rim trail. Not enough to even really notice unless you looked for it. If I remember correctly, George Barnes rode the Porcupine Rim trail that year about two weeks before the Moab Muni Fest and there was snow on the trail.

i hope there isn’t snow…we just got enouph snow here to make u puik!

Im runniung a kenda kenetics 2.6, with maggies is, is this enough

That’s what I’ll be running. It’ll be fine.