Slick head for a slick tire

Two new additions. A haircut, and a new tire.

Maybe you could write “Fireball” on your head with tipp-ex or something… :slight_smile:

A uni with a fireball tyre and a black Profile hub? Sounds good already…


How about some flame tattoos on your noodle?
That would be Slick!

I’ve been hanging out with this late 20s tattoo artist from Germany named Zoe. I was talking to her about getting a uni tat done and she showed me a drawing she did of a tire with flames and wings coming out the back of it. Looked like a kick-ass unicycle… really considering getting my first tattoo.

Go for it!

Generally I don’t like a lot of tatoos (but have absolutely nothing against people who wear them), but I have considered some day getting a little unicycle on my foot or somewhere out of the way. Where were you thinking of putting it?