Slick fat, bald tire???

Can anyone reccomend a really fat, slick, almost bald tire? For a 26 Nimbus–I already have a knobby duro leopard, but here in the city it’s a bit much for some one at my (yes, I admit it) crummy level–I also have a Hookworm, but it’s so grippy that it almost has a mind of it’s own–I feel like it wants to send my nose into the gutter whenever I get go9ing on it. I also just don’t like the “feel” of it. I have a whitewall semi knobby from K-Mart that is OK, but it just feels too small. I like the mass of the 3-inch duru, but I also think that it’s weight might be holding me back.

Does this dream tire exist? A 26X3 (or almost 3) that has a lot of give and take, a bald and slick tire that will help me on my bumpy road to unicycle nirvana?


I dont know of one off the top of my head, il look around for you though, i was thinking you could just cut the treds off a normal tire?

also, a quick fix is cover your tire with WD-40 and armor all.

i found some tireshere

i dono if your gona find a tire less gripy than a hookworm

No,no,no.Go to and look under bicycles,then under trekking/recmbant,theres the “flame”,and “kraze” at least.

You want the Big Apple. Very nice ride characteristics. It’s not as fat as the Hookworm but it’s probably better on roads.

Kenda flame,26x3.00",flame pattern,$22.99

Also check out the kraze,down below it,
the kiniopton,the k-rad.
as they say: ultra wide, ultra glide
keep in mind i’ve never tried it
BUT it looks like really comfortable for cruising and for gliding (i wish i could do that)

Heck, I would go down to Walmart and pick something up under $10.

I’ve owned both the Kenda Flame and Hoggy G. in a 24" size.
I prefer the Kenda Flame, it tracks quite a bit straighter than the Hoggy G and is actually about 1/4" wider

I really liked the Nirve Badass I used to use on my 26er. It’s not nearly as wide as you’re asking for, but it has a really nice feel to it. One big plus of the Badass is the lighter weight and more nimble feel over super wide tires. I have a Hookworm now, and I agree that it doesn’t have the best feel.



Thanks everyone for the cool advice and links with regards to my slick, fat, bald tire quest–which yesterday, took an interesting turn…

After pouring over countless websites (entering names like “Fatass” and “Badass” and “Kenda Flame and Kraze” and others into google and getting some interesting results, I decided to crisscross Manhattan looking for the holy grail-like Slick Fat Bald Tire. The Kenda company told me over the phone that they couldn’t ship the 26 inch Kenda Kraze till mid June, so I started to think that maybe a bike shop might have something close to what I want.

My daughter and I visited about 10 places till we came upon this shop on the upper east side–the guy who worked there took an interest in what I was looking for (I think he liked the fact that we were a father-daughter unicycle team) and came out with an old, beaten-up Michelin tire. At first glance, it was nothing like what I wanted,–it was only 1.95 wide, but when I checked it out further, I realized that it had an interesting criss-cross thread, and the shape was cyndrical, like a drag-racing tire. There was something unusual about it.

The dude gave it to me for only 5 bucks!

I went home, pried the bothersome hookwork off (don’t get me wrong, I know the hookwork is a great tire–but it just doesn’t work for me), stuck this old French-made Michelin on, and today, when I rode it, I felt like my unicycle skills jumped up about five notches!

A groovy tire! I am totally suprised, and funny enough, even though it is technically a 1.95, it looks a lot bigger, I think due to it’s shape.

For now, the Slick Big Fat Bald tire will have to wait…
Thanks again for the earlier responses!