slick 36er tyre/tire

So, im not a coker rider, and dont know much about them, but I was under the impression (I could be wrong) that the only 36in tyre availabe was the the coker tyre.

I saw this new item added to and thought it may interest you coker riders.

Link for tyre

Link for 36er uni this tyre comes on


if i get a coker this is the one i want

Um, I don’t think that’s a Coker.

Anyway, that’s great news about the new slick tire. I don’t have a Coker yet, so I’m interested to see how people like the new tire. I wonder if this means that Coker is selling so many unicycles that they thought there would be enough demand to make another tire.

EDIT: now that I read the site, I realized that it doesn’t say Coker anywhere. Is this tire made by Coker?

oh well it had a big tire and it was with the cokers so I assumed oops. and yeah that slick tire is pretty awsome they should have a fire ball tire that size

Thanks, smd02!

AWESOME…im not a Coker lover but this is cool. finally Coker riders with all the upgraded frames,rims,spokes etc. wont be able to call their Cokers a Coker anymore without the last acuall Coker product on it,the tyre/tube.

if this turns out to be a good tyre i might have to buy one since its not a Coker. :smiley:

Nice find smd02! For pure paved roadwork, that profile looks like it might be a bit smoother ride than the standard Coker tire with the little round knobs. Looks like it’s Europe sales only right now. Maybe one of our interpid European Cokeuers will give this one a try and report back. Mikefule? Joe? How about a pioneering purchase for the good of the cause :)?

There is a London based rider who might go for this, he was pretty addicted after riding my Coker last Saturday, even with bent cranks.

Yikes! Look at the price. It’s 89 Euros which comes to $116 (USD). Even reducing that by 20% to account for the VAT it’s still expensive.

Why was the tire designed? Was it designed to be better than the Coker tire? Is it lighter than the Coker tire? Does it fit on the Coker rim?

It looks like it has a squarish profile to it, kind of like the Fireball and other cruiser tires. Those squarish profiles don’t always work very well on a unicycle. How well does the tire ride? How well does it turn and corner? How well does it handle road camber (crowned roads)?

One nice thing about the Coker tire is that it’s a very well behaved tire. It rides very well with no bad habits. That’s a tough standard for another tire to match.

Perhaps after my trip up to the lakes week after next I may get me one of those. I’ve only had my coker a couple of days though and feel I should get some wear out of the original tyre first. That and a new trials tyre is a bit higher up my list of priorities. I’d be interested to hear what they’re like though…


jeez, i guess you wont be taking the plunge. hopfully somone will, after all if options are going to be made then risks have to be taken. no one can possibly answer all those question at this point but does that mean that its not worth a shot?

All those questions means I’m interested. :slight_smile:

When I see something new like that those are the types of questions that pop into my head. That’s the reason I’m the way I am. :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in hearing more about the tire after people get it and have a chance to try it out. It looks like the people in Europe are going to get first crack at it. Lucky them. That’s only fair cause we got the Coker first.

oh ok, gotcha. im sorry i read it like Coker sent you a check to help defend the fort. :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave my German some practice and emailed Roland about this thread. Maybe he will respond with some answers.


here I´m to try to give you some answers …

In Germany we have only 16% VAT.

Qu-ax let made a few 36 inch unicycles and this tire is a spare part for this unicycle.

It weights a bit more.
On my scale: Coker: 1950g - Qu-ax: 2060g

I don`t checked if the tire fit on a Coker I think it does.
Maybe I´ll check it this week and keep you in touch.

I dont ride the tire yet. We have got a lot of snow so I cant compare it with the Coker one.


I skip a lot of his posts so I don’t confuse myself.

The tire looks like a nice addition to the line of Coker tires. Anyone waiting on an offroad Coker tire? I think all size tires should let you have 3 decent choices for what the tire can do.
Let’s see if we can get Frank back up that high…

i wanna hear more? how does it handle? can you send us a pic of the actual tire?


I’m scheduled to go live in Paris, France in a few months–I’ll be there for about a year. I could actually get one of those “cokers” while on on the continent, and I do need a European unicycle (I do a lot of traveling between the US and France) to keep there so I won’t have to keep lugging my 26incher back and forth.

I have been biting my nails worried about weather I should get a 29er or a coker–not really biting my nails, but you know the feeling if you can’t decide on what wheel size you should get next.

Now this. That tire–man, that could tip the scales…

But my real problem is this: I’ve been obsessed with getting a Coker, but if I get that particular 36er, I’ll have a Coker, but I won’t be able to say that I have a Coker because it’s not really a Coker.

Maybe they should call it a Pepsier…:slight_smile:

Don’t stress it… just go with the obvious choice - the Coker!

When I was deciding to get my first street bike, I couldn’t decide whether to get a CBR600 or a CBR900… but ultimately I figured I’d get accustomed to the 600 pretty quickly and then I’d want more… well it turns out that I got used to the 900 pretty quickly and I still wanted more… so definitely get the Coker!

The learning curve is pretty quick and once you get used to it, you’ll be glad you didn’t go with the smaller wheel size.

You’re going to want to see the European cities and countryside as efficiently as possible… so you definitely need the Coker!