slick 20 inch for street... good?

im starting to upgrade my uni for street and instead of a HUGE 19 inchi wanted to get just a slick 20 inch (i dont like the sound of tread or the feel) the main one i was looking at is the animal ASM is this tire good or will i get a lot of pinch flats w/ a 20


It all depends on the psi and the width of the rim, if your doing street on a bmx tire you will need a really strong rim. I think a primo wall tire would be kool as. Is it just a learner uni or a freestyle uni? What rim do you have?

i have a [shamefull]torker lx[/shamefull] but i have a qu-ax hub/crankset on the way and soon will get a stronger rim

I hope it all fits together, but I’m a bit skeptical based on my own research. Do you realize that the Qu-ax hub may not fit your Torker LX frame? Not only might it be too wide, the bearings have the larger 42mm outer diameter, whereas the Torker bearings are only 40mm. You’ll also probably want a better rim (i.e., a double wall alloy) than the stock Torker one, which is probably a single wall alloy (that’s what mine is).

yeah i know about the bearing thing and am gonna order 42s that will fit, i hope its not too wide (i can bend the frame though right?)

if the hub is too wide to fit the frame, you will have problems…
anyways, i generally wouldn’t say to use a smooth tyre like that for street… but if your really into the freestyle/flat land tricks then go for it.
and if you try putting 42mm OD into a 40mm OD frame, you will have no luck what so ever

You don’t really have to worry about the frame and hub fitting because you can bend the frame legs to make it fit without damaging it. Make sure the bearing size is the same or make sure you can shim it to make it work.

Some people perfer that kind of uni for street, its more manuverable and probably lighter than a trials uni. I like riding my trials uni for street because then I can still do trials lines when I am out riding.

ok, for the last time. i know that i need 42 mm bearings to fit my lx frame and i will be getting them. I HAVE THE BEARING THING UNDER CONTROL!

Oh, well I only read the first post, I decided the rest probably wasn’t important. :wink:

ok, i guess i forgive you, but this isnt the first thread mentioning my bearings

Im pretty sure its the right bearing spacing (100mm) . And I used to use 42mm bearings in 40mm bearing holders and they were fine.

true, all you can do is to try it. tho some frames have different bearing holders, still, what do i know about the subject :slight_smile:

good luck taking impact with that

yeah max is right… 20s are great for freestyle but street is different.

taking imapct, no tyre folds, spring and bounce. all come from a nice big ol 2.5" trials tyre… if they made them i would get a slick 19" 2.5" tyre, but they dont. and i think lunas look pretty cool anyways

All I have to say is get a strong rim. Alex makes a triple wall rim that Danscomp sells.

well ive been doing 4 sets with this stock one for a while and its doing fne so i think by the time i start doing 6 or7s ill have worn out the 20 inch stuff then i can get a 19 setup

ask evan what he thinks…im pretty sure he uses a slick on his street uni.