Sliced Up Leg!!!!!!!

recently i bought a nimbus 20 inch trials uni and im slowly trying to get into the stunts one small step at a time.

well the pedals have amazing grip due to the metal spike things on them.
dunno how to describe them other then they look like the bottom ends of a bunch of screwS.(NOT NAILS! SCREWS!)

well ive found that it is very easy to mess up and have those things dig in to your leg.

i have 5 gashes in the calf of my left leg.

even the slighest mistake can get ya.

i was riding today and did a small jump landed it wrong…unicycle moving forward…me moving backward…pedal moving towards my leg.

my right isnt even 1/4 as bad as my left because i was ready for it.

Welcome to the club; you’ve just been pedal-bitten! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that hurts pretty bad. Methinks that problem will slowly disappear as you get better. My last really good, long pedal bite was back in january of 2007, but I haven’t been trials/muni riding as aggressively since then.

They sting pretty bad but I always thought the long scrapes and mangled skin looked really cool… but that’s kind of sick :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure somebody understands!

Oh I understand…all the cuts make me look manly for sure.
The cuts have never hurt at all for me…the only time it hurts is when I’ve hit my shin…then the bruise hurts…a lot. But the cuts kill all the nerves and it doesn’t hurt for me at least. I hit got my shin the day after christmas this year and I deffenitly should have gotten stitches but I really prefer the manly scar.

You might want to invest in either plastic pedals or some shin guards…or both.

Shin guards > plastic pedals… I can’t live without my pins!

You’re right that it hurts less on your calf than your shin… but it still hurts!! Ack :slight_smile:

yes buy leg protection. you will fall in love the first time they save your leg.

yeah they look awesome!
but when they got infected they hurt like heck.

then make sure you clean them good

This thread’s nothing without pictures. Do your duty.

You must wear leg armor. the KH ones are the best, IMHO.


Both pictures are kinda iffy, but the first you can see the outline of a fading scar and the second is the 2-3 scrapes… Both injuries are pre-shin guard.