sliced tires

i got a gash/cut in my tire and a little bit of the tube is visible and tittying out a bit, but its on my creepycrawler tire which is precticly new.i dont want to buy a new one for such a small problem so does anyone have experience with this? is it repairable?

How did you get a cut in it?

really im not sure i didnt notice it till i got home but i was doing some grinds and stalls on a cement ledge, as far as i can tell it happend there.

It depends how big the hole is I guess. I got a little hole in my creepy crawler, but it’s only a few mm wide, so nothing really to worry about.

its like a 5/8 inch cut nothing huge but i dont know if my tube will start to squeeze out of it causing unnescessary flats. i think im gonna use and old innertube and glue in inside the tire over the hole, or somthin??

ductape solves everything. just put a little on the inside between the tube and the tire.

ducttape… good suggestion.

Gorilla/super/crazy glue may also work. Really lather it on, and it probably will stay secure.

That’s what she said!

Eventualy the hole will get big, but for now ducttape on the inside like was stated earler and part of an old tube or some of that thorn resistent tape. good luck, how old is it buy a new one and rturn the old one. :smiley:

There’s no glue that will hold a sliced tire sidewall, let alone Crazy Glue, which does not fill gaps at all.

What you need is a tire boot; an old piece of tire sidewall you can affix to the inside of your tire.

You definitely need to fix it, otherwise you’ll keep blowing out tubes as they get pinched in that hole.

Or you could ignore it and hope it goes away…

It won’t help, but y’know… you won’t be worried about it.

How about gluing a small piece of old tube to the inside of the tire with that rubber cement that comes in puncture repair kits? That could work… it could also do nothing, but worth a try…right?

Just buy a new tire. Flip a burger, buy a tire. :wink:

this is correct. duct tape is a roadside fix, not a long term solution. break down, spend the cash and buy a new tire. you don’t really have much choice if you want to avoid frequent flats

Where is the hole at?

Rotate your cranks and aslong and you move it so the whole is never over a flat spot you will be ok.

Ductape wont really solve it. You need to get an old bit of tyre (NOT innertube) and put that over the hole, then layers of ductape. Make sure its well smoothed down with tape though, or it will wear a hole in your innertube eventually.

Hope this helps,

Rock on!

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Tom is right. You’ll need to use another piece of tire sidewall to repair the slice. You’ll also need a chemical vulcanizing cement to apply the patch; no matter what glue you use it won’t last very long. A vulcanizing cement or compound will create molecular bonds between the patch and the tire, creating a much, much stronger seal. You may be able to find such a compound at your LBS, if not, inquire at an auto tire merchant.

…says he whose parents shower him with money and gifts. Spit that silver spoon out of your mouth before you talk, kid.

'Tis much cheaper to repair something that’s broken than throw it away and buy something new… it’s also the ecologically responsible thing to do. Why create more landfill just because you’re too lazy to fix something?

Yeah, fix it first, if you do a good job it will last for the life of the tread. Do a poor job and it won’t. But buy a replacement now incase it doesn’t work, that way you won’t have to wait for it to come.

would a car tire repair kit work?