Sleepless in the Saddle 24 hour race, August 11/12, UK

Cheers Rob for getting things moving.

Here is a link for the rules from 2006. I’m guessing they won’t change much for this year.

One point to note is that lights required are 10W at least. I’m not sure how this equates to LED lights though as I was thinking of taking a 3W LED headtorch.

Any thoughts from those that did it last year?

I’ve never seen them properly check lights at SITS or MM. I’d imagine if you went out with a really dim light they might stop you, but they don’t come and check exact power consumption. There were a lot of people using LED lights only at mayhem, and they will all have been under 10W. It’s probably easier to leave it as ‘10W min’ so they can use a bit of discretion rather than say ‘equivalent of 10W’ and get people arguing about it. You are supposed to have a backup light, although that can just be a little torch so that you don’t walk into trees or get ridden into while pushing back after your main light fails. A head torch is nice for that so you can use it to fix punctures and the like without using your main light. Having said that, if your main light is only 3W and is headmounted then that’s less important.

The important bit is to practice night riding with the setup you’ve got to make sure it’s enough, and to make sure the batteries last long enough.

My helmet-mounted light is actually a 10-watt bulb, but it’s in a case with “5w” stamped on the side - I’m always a bit paranoid that “lamp inspectors” will pounce on me and make me dismantle it to show them the bulb, but I don’t think they’re really that petty. If it looks like a reasonable lamp and you’re happy riding by it then I wouldn’t worry. The biggest problem I find is that a 10w bulb is perfectly adequate for unicycle speeds, until somebody comes past with an unfeasibly bright array of HIDs, then you’re blind for a couple of minutes :confused:


I’ve never known anyone to check, and nobody will run into you if your light is too dim; that’s what their own lights are for. It really comes down to what you’re comfortable riding with. I would have thought a 3W LED should be ample though.

I regularly ride with a Cateye Doubleshot which must be fairly close to that (I can’t actually find a figure) and it’s perfectly acceptable; there were people at Mayhem with Dinotte lights which (IIRC) come in 3W and 5W varieties, and they seemed perfectly bright enough.

OK, 'tis done. Form is in the post - just need to hope we get in.

I did manage to speak to Tue this evening and he’s still keen to race, so our team will be:
Rob Northcott
Neil Younger (Norry)
Kit Johnson (MrBoogiejuice)
Tue Johansen

Semach the Monkey is reserve if anybody drops out.

I’ll keep people updated (and collect your money :)) when I hear if we’re in.


Cheers Rob, could anyone who has been before let me know what the lap distance is? I was thinking 7-8 miles but read that last year Steve mentioned 10 miles?

Last year it was about 7 miles ish. It might vary a bit, bit it’s unlikely to be much different - certainly not more than ten. It’s nowhere near as hilly as Mayhem either, so lap times are quicker (until it got really muddy :o)


Is it cokererable (assuming there’s little mud)?

It’s mostly Cokerable, it depends on how good your Cokering is… The course is less hilly and less technical than Mayhem and there were some fairly long fireroad sections last year where having a Coker really helped.

I find a Coker is a bit too tall in the woods, I tend to bang my head on branches.


Are you planning on cokering it again this time?

I’m not planning on riding this year.

I would probably opt for 29er because it’s a little bit easier in the wet/dark, but if it were very dry I’d try the Coker. I have the luxury of being able to bring both.


Just had a confirmation email from Pat Adams and we’re in :slight_smile:

I am a master forger!


Excellent. Now the important stuff - does anyone have a gazeebo? I can possibly go and borrow a uni one again, but that sort of assumes that they haven’t yet noticed that I’ve not given all of it back after Mayhem yet. Corner pieces aren’t important, right?

I’ll try Tesco again, see if they’ve got any £12 Gazebos in. Or I’ll steal a few umbrellas from the office…

Not sure if I’m attending yet, but apparently my parents have one which I can borrow.

Cool. cheers rob

I’ll bring by gazebo, but it’s only a small one with no sides. Not like Steve’s portable mansion unfortunately.


I’ve made bit of a double booking boo-boo.

Checking through my diary I realised I’m booked to do a workshop at a festival the same weekend which means I’m afraid I’m going to have to bow out…

Sorry guys. It seems my 24 hour ambitions will have to wait for another year.

Bummer. I’ll let semach know - hopefully he’s still up for riding.


Eeek! a monkey in a 24hr race! whatever next!

Yeah, I’m up for it though. Need to find some nice hills to practice on first though. Does a Schlumpf on a chunky tyre sound like it’s up to the job?