Sleepless in the Saddle 2007 24hr race

Sleepless in the Saddle is a 24hr mountain bike endurance race. We entered a team of 4 called “Uni Freaks”.

See here for my write up of the weekend.

Video Here It’s about 100 meg. Sound required. This one plays in the browser.

Direct download Here Do a right click and ‘save as’. File name is called ‘SITS.wmv’ as it might try and call it ‘main.php’.

640X480 wmv format and about 7 mins long.

For those that prefer it is also on youtube Here but the quality is alot worse.

mmmmm jelly babies :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video. There was just one dodgy moment when I thought that you were going to demonstrate the application of the Butt Butter. :astonished:

Looks like you all had fun (in a manly kind of way).


I’ll leave the butt buttr for a bonus section another time! There was a fair number of women and mixed teams there as well.

How long were the laps? The 24hr race that I bike in the laps are usually 17km and I was thinkg about doing that on a unicycle

About 12 to 13 kilometres. Some of the other UK events are slightly longer I think.

Thats a great video norry. I do a few of the enduros here in Australia, and I’ve got to say that looks like a very sweet flowy track you’ve got there.
Nice work.