Sleeping on a unicycle? [Re: the LAW (NZ)]

Mark Tillotson <> wrote:

>I would have thought that Uni’s have the ultimate fail-safe braking
>mechanism—in the event of the `driver’ becoming unconscious for any reason,
>the vehicle automatically jettisons said driver, and comes to a halt on it’s
>side, all in the space of a few feet.

Thanks for one of the funniest posts I’ve seen in months.

Wow! The unicycle is the perfect vehicle to ride, if sleeping on the road is
a problem? I wonder, has anyone actually fallen asleep riding a unicycle?
Has anyone sleep ridden a unicycle? (That would of course disprove its stay
awake feature.)

This reminds me of the one legged stools used in old grain mills, so the person
watching the mill wouldn’t fall asleep. Hey! A new application for the unicycle

  • a place to sit for people watching things who must not fall asleep.

Stay on Top, sleepy head,

Ken Fuchs <>

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i am at the stage where i can peddal about 6 or 7 times and then fall because i
run out of wall ,i am wondering if i should just hold my breath and ride out
from the wall or keep trying to do a little bit each time. i would apprecite

            p.s.i was not quite clear about andybody else that lives in
                Madison,Wi and unicycles like me. if you do ,do any of you
                go to the club that meets at the library mall?

                  thanks , Andy Rheaume