slang for non uni riders

I was trying to remember the slang term introduced many months ago for non uni riders. A search produced 4,000,000,000,000 possibles.

My boss sent me an email that he located a uni at a flea market. I was going to ask him if he was interested in leaving the world of _______ (non uni riders) and becoming ONE.

If someone remembers, I appreciate the help.

Happy trails,

Someone used/suggested the Harry Potter ‘muggles’ reference.

I might be the one at fault. The thread is titled “Muggles are so easily impressed.”


I like to think of them as “future riders”! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking you probably mean muggles, since there was that thread a while back that said something about muggles are so easily impressed. It works perfect if you ride a nimbus…

aaaah, yes indeed: muggles it is!!! Thanks for your help.

Re: “Future riders” Your optimism is showing again! :smiley:

Actually the term ‘muggle’ has been around long before Harry Potter.

If anyone is familiar with the Xanth series, those that live outside of Xanth live in Mundania. Therefore, they are called “mundanes”. The term “muggles” works just as well, although I appreciate Terry’s optimism.

Converts :slight_smile:


Unenlightened ones