I know, Iknow, its not really unicycle related, but it is about a sport and it doesnt seem to fit the just conversation forum. just putting out a message to any other slackliners who happen to be on the forum: hello. i recently joined this sport and seemed to pick it up fairly quickly, maybe from the balance skills gained in unicycling, im not sure. its a very fun sport but im getting kind of bored of just walking the line, doo any of you have any tricks or fun stuff you do whilst slacking? please let me know, it will be interesting to hear from others about this cool sport

Let’s make this thread uni related…

Not me, but pretty cool.

what do you need to slackline? cheep tho. broke kid

for the cheapest conventional setup you would need a handful of oval carabiners, a long piece of 1" tubular webbing (40’-60’) for the main line, and a couple of shorter, maybe 20’ pieces of webbing for anchoring to a tree.

Look up “ellington slackline setup,” and you should find a good intro.

Here’s a good link:

A couple of 3/8" chain links make good line lockers so you can eliminate knots from your system.

If you don’t have any gear I would say you could expect a basic setup to set you back $40-$50. If you have old stuff from climbing some of it may be useable for your slackline, but the general consensus is that once you use it for slack you should never use it to climb.

thats ALOT. that is a tank of gas

if youre gonna spend 40 or 50 bucks it would be better to just get a gibbons for 70

now i am confused?

If you want a Gibbon you should just go to your neigborhood home center and pick up a ratchet strap for $15. It’s pretty much the same thing.

There is a huge debate in the slackline community about using ratchets. I am on neither side of the issue, but I do understand the safety risks of ratchet systems. When I use a ratchet to tension my line I have a system using a steel oval, and a stainless shackle that allows me to remove the ratchet from the system. I have read horror stories of ratchets failing under the extreme load needed for a slackline, and impaling the person walking the line. So, what I meant to say is that there’s very little difference between the average Gibbon line, and a ratchet from Home Depot, and that it’s really up to the user to be safe, and understand what they are doing. Tensioning a slackline is potentially the most dangerous part of the sport for the average slacker.

They are completely different. By the nature of a truck strop’s purpose they have very little stretch when tensioned, contrarywise, a slackline is designed to be dynamic and to stretch when used.

This is the very definition of what fits in Just Conversation.

but if you had taken the time to read the rest of the post (assuming you didnt, or maybe you did and are just trying to be an antagonist) I specifically stated that it didnt belong in just conversation, and does almost pertain to unicycling in that it is a great balance trainer.

I have done some unicycle slacklining is pretty enjoyable.

koxxuni you can go to your local climbing shop and get 4 beaners, 50 feet of webbing, two 15 foot pieces of webbing, and two repel rings.
You are probably gonna spend $40 ( 60 if you get better tech) and walk away with more webbing then with a gibbon. And remember, once you have all this, your gonna have it for a while :wink:

you can see all about this system here:

and personally I like this system much better then the ratchet system

That’s a good video:)

If you didn’t have locking beeners you could use non-locking ones, just flip the direction of one of them.

Edit: This way you would need 2 at each spot w/ one flipped, so you’d need 6 total.

The best slack vid I’ve ever seen and many of the tricks I’ve never seen before. I was shocked by the double back and side flips :astonished:

The good stuff is before the credits @5:00, but there’s more after 7:45

Hey I just got a slackline and wondering if any of you have some tips for a newb. Oh I know this doesn’t belong in RSU but I didn’t want to start a new thread. Thanks.

Zig Zag aka Surfing (1:13 in the vid I posted earlier). Start slow then go bigger and faster. Back step, twist, hop twist, jump mount, 360 dismount.



I slackline, Love it.

My slacklining has been a little bit here and there but slowly I am getting there. I can (sometimes) walk the length of a 20 meter line (which is many many times harder than walking a 10 meter line). I can sit start, also mount the line by jumping or 180ing onto the line. Last time I was out I turned on the line and started to try a butt bounce. knee drop is on the list of things to learn too.