Slack rope Uniing

Not me Obviously :roll_eyes: But this is just insane. Coolest starts at 3:00?

Just thought I’d share.

I think the video is the most impressive thing i have ever seen in my life!!! :astonished: not only was the uni impressive but the ladder as well! Absolutely outstanding! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Amazing balance demo!!

I can’t believe this type of balance is even possible! It’s amusing how comfortable he looks when he’s just standing up there not doing any tricks. The unicycle he rode would be hard enough to ride on flat ground, let alone a slack rope. You’d think that a doing headstand on a wire would be really painful.

Zirkus Knie-Switzerland

I’ve seen this excellent performance live last Year. When he was getting the uni, i was thinking UNNATURAL.

Amazing to see!

that’s insane he’s so comfortable, that’s the feeling i love, just comfortable balance