Slack Rope and Stairs of Death Pics

I put up a couple more albums in the UniBrier gallery.

First is the Slack Rope setup used by Vaughn of Portland.

I first saw Vaughn performing at the SIJF Renegade show on Friday. He did an extreme three club juggling routine where he chewed on six gum wrappers in a mouth full of fillings, he really played it up. He was wearing a TCUC shirt so I figured he was safe to talk to. He told me about his slack rope setup and brought it to the uni workshop. We invited him as a “friend of the Uniques” to be the middle portion of our performance.

The setup is a portable hammock frame with a stong rope. His uni is a 16" wheel, rim only. He freemounts from the rope and stabilizes to what is a prolonged still stand with very little idling. While balanced he ties a balloon animal, which of course means he is balancing without the help of waving his arms.

The next set of pics is the Stairs of Death . This is a stage prop/trials trainer I made from one sheet of 3/4 inch plywood and an eight foot 2x4. I can also flip it over and put it in my big wagon and fill it with uni’s to transport between the vehicle and the show area.

The top and middle steps are 2x2 feet and are big enough to crank grab to rubber. The bottom step is only 16" long because to get the whole thing out of one sheet that is the default size of the step. It also shortened it enough that it fits in the back of the Suburban with the rear seat pulled. The 2x4’s are secured with screws, I will probably add some additional reinforcements at all the corners.

Sounds fun. I wonder what it would be like to ride a tiny wheel (6" to 12") with 175mm cranks on a slack rope.