Skye riding advice

In August I am going to the Isle of Skye for a weeks holiday and will be taking a uni with me.
It won’t be the coker as I’m spending a couple of days around Edinburgh on the way up and don’t want to leave anything in the car that will be visible to the casual tea leaf.
So the choice is 26 Muni or my road 29er.
I am staying in a cottage in Breakish, about 4 miles after the bridge, and was wondering whether anyone knew the area and had any suggestions as to which would be the better machine to take.
I know it’s a long shot, the highlands are not exactly a hotbed of human activity, that’s why we’re going on holiday there.:smiley:

I think Skye is quite good for off-roading, but I can’t really offer any experience. I was there on a 36er last year but that was road touring with bikes, and apart from an unfortunate route cross-country which became pretty hardcore technical rocky stuff to get to/from a bothy, we didn’t aim to go offroad.

It’s very nice though! (Make sure you have anti-midge measures… or you may die a pimply, itchy death. We were camping and even with bug cream and nets were desperate for high winds and rain at points! )