Sky Sports News

I can’t imagine this isn’t been posted before.
Anyway, I just saw a nice unicycle item on Sky Sports:

Damn i saw this and completly forgot about it. Good job mike and jase!

She’s hot. :slight_smile:

Mountain bike unicycles??!! :roll_eyes:

Very good long run there as well, nice one. Loved the presenters discussion at the end :slight_smile:

What a great segment, certainly didn’t disappoint :p!

Whats the go with Mikes seat it looks like it has no foam or something?

I think mike just runs a base with some duct tape, saw this on the UK forums, didn’t realise it hadn’t been posted here! :slight_smile:
Mike’s so consistant! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah ok, do you no why is it just to save weight?

Im honestly not sure, Edd does it too. CF looks pimp though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thinner, easier to hold. I get sweaty hands and when I ran foam and a cover my seat used to constantly slip out of my hand. Now I run a really thin piece of foam, 2mm thick with duct tape to hold it in place. You don’t sit down when riding trials anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

i ride little tiny strips of foam and tape over the top where i hold the seat. i moved to no foam because i broke my other seat base and i cba to buy another seat Lol and i liked it.

…the end