well, yesterday(before it started to snow) i was getting the hang of gliding. I think my record is now about 8 feet.
so i decided to have a bit of fun.
I called up my super cool neighbor and he got in his car and rolled down the passenger window. I hung on to the door and got into a gliding “stance” if you will, and he gradually accelerated. We went for about 50 feet before i fell off, and he said the highest the needle on his speedometer said 15 mph.
Have any of you high speed gliders out there been towed or pulled by a car before? all i know is that it was wicked fun.

In one of the Koxx1 videos, (Dunno which one) they are pulled behind cars by tow ropes, high speed, through traffic.

I conned my brother into pulling me behind him on a bicycle once, for abouta minute, untill he quit and refused to do it anymore.

i wouldnt wanna try it. i can glide like a …beast? but i wouldnt trust myself doing it more than 20 mph. just me.

Has anyone tried tying their dog’s leash to their unicycle? You could hang a hot dog on a stick in front of him and reach unfathomable speeds.

I can see a new olympic event devoloping from this…

You could dress like a gladiator and whip the dog. I can see this going somewhere.

my dog’s too small…

I have done it behind my moms car holding the bike rack.

i need to learn

hey i can wheel walk good but i cant really glide… any pointers??? and how do people wheel walk standing up??? cuz that looks sooo cool and i need to learn?? and is it VARY hard to learn???i need help!!

rofl irvinegr. pm me and i can give you bunches of pointers but dont threadjack this bs

Ever get run over by the rear wheels? Next time maybe hold onto the back of whatever is pulling you…

Anyway, it’s not skitching unless you do it in snow (or ice), and with your feet on the pedals. Like this:

Needless to say, anything involving being pulled by motorized vehicles opens up whole new areas of ways to get injured/killed, so keep that in mind.

yeah… come to think of it… that probably wasn’t the smartest thing i’ve ever done… next time i’ll get out the bike rack first.
but still, the idea looks and sounds pretty awesome.

Hah! That reminds me of towing a friend on a snow board way back in high school. He started out hanging from the passenger window. “There’s a rope in the back”, says I.
“Too late, let’s go!”
We went 10 feet, he dropped, then kabump! I slid to a stop, only to see him hopping up. “Go faster this time!”
I ran him over probably a dozen times before he agreed to the rope. The car was a Ford Fiesta; the back end was so light I could pick it up, so no permanent harm done.
Sometimes I would pick up a corner, set my foot under the tire, and ask people for help.
Just another one of those things I’m too old to get away with now…

That’s not a dog, that’s a puffball.

no. mine’s clipped short. we can’t keep his hair like that cause it tangles like crazy.