Skinny Worthy Of Kris Holm?

the following photos are of me doing a skinny downtown Wellington, NZ. a very rough approximation on width is 20cm. to the right there is a 3 storey drop to a concrete balcony, and a all up 5 storey drop to the road. and it was windy :smiley:

worthy of kris holm? ( i know he’d do it if it was like 10cm wide :P)

holy crap dude that is awesome but i sure hope you know your limits…

well done, great pictures too


yeah, i dont think im going to go any skinnier / higher for a while. i might do it a few more times, but i think i’ll wait until i get a years experience under my belt :slight_smile:

Wow, you’re brave. I wouldn’t do that, but my reasoning behind it is that it’s a stupid way to die, and also it’s not fun (for me) and doesn’t improve my skill.

As for whether or not Kris Holm would ride that, I’m not sure. Last I heard I thought he’d stopped doing stuff like that, but I could be wrong. Ryan Atkins, on the other hand… Just go buy the DVD Spaced Out. That will give the rest of the story.

yeah, it was kind of stupid. i will say fun to some extent, i like to push my fears, it gives me a kind of rush. Kris Holm has stopped you say? hmm, i think Spaced Out might be worth a look

i hate to say it but i dont think going higher is going to increase the danger that much :stuck_out_tongue:

was that ryan riding that skinny in the trailer for spaced out?


hehehe it might not, but it will be more of a thrill.

i havent seen the trailer yet…so i dunno

I think Kris has simply stopped risking his life to ride skinnies. He still rides though.

I don’t think ryan rides that skinny in the trailer for spaced out, since spaced out only takes place in North America. Just get it, it’s worth the money.

I think thats the one hes talking about.

Kris said he stopped because he has a family.

Edit: Stopped doing death defying stuff that is.

I think they meant falling down from something higher. That matters a lot!

I guess you don’t need a helmet for a drop of that height… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately what you were missing was a more worthy camera. Are those phone pictures?

I did a similar ride once, but only about 6-8 meters high, and a wall about the same width. I’m glad I made it!

yeah, it was a spur of the moment thing, and since kiwi unicyclists arent required by law to wear helmets, i wasnt. i really should have been though.

the pictures are still frames from a video taken on a digital camera, when i get a chance i will get some better photos taken.

I don’t think a helmet would have made much difference from that hieght - but nice stuff, I’ll have to see that one for myself at the uni weekend :smiley:

hahah yeah man, i’ll probably be either

1 foot riding it
Wheel Walking it

or dead :stuck_out_tongue:

should be a great weekend, its eating a lot of my time organising it hehe

I was there, it really was quite windy and extremely high.

Joe rode another mortally humbling skinny previously that night, a ledge on a bridge over a busy mainroad. I think I’d be even LESS likely to attempt the mainroad one than the one in the photos! The mainroad one involved riding along a skinny that had a more than slight “upside down V” shaped camber to it so would have been that much harder to go straight.

I can’t think what the likelihood of a good rider falling off a skinny like this would be, perhaps Joe would be capable of riding along a same width plank again and again, all day long if it were on the ground? But it becomes a lot more interesting when you’re 5 stories high. Would the chance of a fall decrease or increase?

For an experienced rider, with little fear, perhaps it’s as safe as driving on a motorway without a seatbelt? When driving, if you lose your nerve and cross that line to your right (or in America, left), you’re gonna hit the oncoming traffic and die… do you have the nerve to keep that steering wheel straight? Well do you? What about if it’s windy and the car’s swerving and you have to battle to keep it straight… what if it’s a windy road with a cliff face of a drop on the other side?

I think it’s ok to very carefully, after cautious mainainace checks of the uni and making sure as little as possible can go wrong, occasionally do these things, but only out of “necessity” (eg. extreme videoes). I think if the “death defying skinnys” become a bit of a routine for you then something is a lot more likely to go wrong and if it does, it’s unfair to your friends/family and yourself to go out like that.

O man, I have to go get ready for this weekends trials comp… gotta leave in half an hour and I haven’t packed anything! Wish us luck!


if someone wants to log a record

it came to my mind there is a really long skinny
south of Paris (18km long!)’HUI.html
and here

the place exists and is unused!

bear (not willing to make an entry into the guinness book of records)

shudder. Joe is crazy :roll_eyes:

But without trying to tell you guys not to kill yourselves- cos it’s your life :sunglasses: (so long as it doesn’t happen on the NZ Uni weekend); I think you should avoid that particular skinny over the busy main road. Because if you f*&$ed up you not only take yourself out, you’ll probably drop a unicycle onto someones windscreen from 5 meters up which will not be a pretty sight.

Good luck for the trials weekend.


i think kris is alot smarter about those things. in all of his old movies i beleive he just did it for a sort of drama effect, and get you on the edge of your seat, i dont beleive we would just do that for giggles or practice.

That would be a very Darwin-Award-esque death scene, though.