Skinny wheel on my 29er

I’m planning on putting a unicycle hub into a 700 x 23C racing wheel.
I’m wondering will the skinny wheel be strong enough and how might it respond to road camber… I’m hoping it will reduce the camber effect.

Has anyone ridden on a skinny wheel? If so, how did it perform? :astonished:

Thanks MrImpossible

Yes, it’s strong enough. 28" used to be a standard size for a uni: that’s a 700c with a road tyre.

For a long time, I rode the “Road Razor” which had a 23 mm road tyre on it. I then sold that and had “The Bacon Slicer” wheel built: deep-ish road rim which I put a 20 mm tyre on and rode at 130 psi for a while, then I went back up to a 23 mm tyre at about 70 or 80 psi. Now I’m older and ride less, I have a fatter general purpose tyre on it.

When I was riding the 23 mm tyre a lot, I used 114mm cranks and rode easy trails, farm tracks and river banks.

It’s a different style of riding. On a fat muni, you can bludgeon your way over rough ground. On a skinny tyre, you “fence the trail” reading the way ahead, picking your route carefully.

It’s great fun. I wouldn’t make it my only uni, because it lacks the versatility of a 29, but it’s a good size and will improve your riding.

Another advantage is that road cyclists will recognise it as a standard size wheel and tyre. I find they treat me with more respect and less mirth than when I’m on the 29 or 36.