skinny(ish) muni tires?????????????????????????????

yeah, after doing an entire ride on terry’s extra KH muni, I decided that if I would get one, I would get some slightly different things. The big fat 3" knobby duro just seemed a bit to fat and big for my liking, and didn’t seem very manouverable, so I was thinking, would a 2.6" gazz or a different tire(I’ve heard kenda’s are good?) be better? would there be a loss in bouncyness/ grip?


Of course a skinnier tire will be less bouncy, there is less air in it. Grip depends on the tire but from what I have seen you get most of your grip from just running the tire really low. A bigger tire would let you run it at a lower psi. I find that a 2.6 is easier to control too, I still use a duro though and its good.

maybe if you put more ? in the title u will get more help! Naaaa just joking, yeah.



So anywho,
I saw you on terrybigwheel’s vid, and that wheel looked mighty large; I would suggest getting a really fat 20’ and making that into a muni. For the 24, any tire around 2.6 will do. A 2.6 Gazzalodi should do, on bedford. The price is pretty bad though…


Given your size, I think you should definitely find a skinnier, lighter tire if you get a muni.

At my weight of 140 lbs., I’m thinking about trying for lighter too because the 3" Duro is a bear to climb with. I don’t know if a 2.6" will be noticeably lighter though.

The Kenda Kinetics 2.6 is an awsome tire. I use it for just about everything, northshore muni, trials, drops, whatever, and it works great. I don’t have any problem with the decreased air volume.

Probably because I just can’t stand the sluggish weight of a 3" duro with 150mm cranks. I highly recomend 150’s with the 2.6 Kenda Kinetics.

Ive got a brand new Kenda Kinetics 24 x 2.6 and a like new (ridden less than a mile) 24 x 2.6 Gazz I’d sell if someones interested.

I’m doing almost all my MUni these days on a Kenda 24x2.6", and it’s just fine; I’m able to ride everything that I can on a 26x3.0". I do prefer the lighter weight.

I’ve been riding on a 24x2.6 gazz for a while, and it does the job. Quite thankful for that really, given that it’s the first of a pair that were on offer…

It does feel a bit lighter than the larger tyres, so maybe a bit more precise handling. It does lose a bit in cushioning, but not a vast amount.

Either way, things like riding lots and getting used to the equipment will probably make more difference than 0.4" of tyre.

My friend has a Kinetic’s on the front wheel of his BMX, it’s a great tire, very big, good for low air pressure.