skinny hubed coker or frame

Hey guys. I am looking for a 36" frame that would accept a standard hub. Something like an old-school coker would be perfect. All I really need is the frame but if you have a whole unicycle I would take a look at that as well.

I am currently traveling to the Canadian East coast from Saskatchewan and would be more than willing to make a bit of a detour to pick this up if there is anything on the way.

thanks in advance


I don’t know if Bedford still carries the std coker frame, but I got one from him years ago and he painted it and added brake mounts for me. You might want to try that if no one here has one.

Another option is to use the frame from the nimbus titan, its just a normal coker frame, it is a bit wider but since its steel you can bend it in pretty easily. I think UDC has them for around $60? It might be an issue getting it into Canada but theres now and they may be able to hook you up.