skinnies on 24"?

Has anyone here done skinnies on ther 24"ers? If so is it easy? if not do you think it would be just as easy as on yer 20"er?is there any videos with people doin rails and stuff on ther 24" Muni’s?

Its easier to do them on trials unis. You can make micro adjustments easier and its a lower gearing which i think helps.

Do a search, or, even easier, use basic reasoning skills. Kris Holm rides a 24". Kris Holm rides North Shore. North shore is full of skinnies, thus, it is logical to assume he has ridden skinnies on a 24". Also, another piece of logical reasoning you seem to have not bothered to use is this: People say 24" are harder to maneuver and control, yet they also say that skinnies require more control and maneuverability, hence a 24" will be harder on a skinny.

Look through videos, there is only one video I know of of someone riding a skinny on anything but a 19". It was an old Kris Holm video, where he rides a handrail on a 26" muni with a kenda 2.6" tire. Brick posted it a while ago in a thread totled something like “has he always been this good?”

Exhibit 1: Skinnies with a 26" wheel

That long skinny in the first half of the video is amazing. I believe Kris was actually the first rider to successfully ride that stunt. The video is from around 2000 or so.

I personally find skinnies easier on my 24" muni but that’s because I ride my muni a lot more often than my trials uni. I’m much more comfortable on the muni than the trials uni. I’ll also proudly announce that I suck at skinnies. What I consider skinny people like Andrew would consider extremely wide. :slight_smile:

Well thanks John. :slight_smile:

Justin Kohse does a fair bit of skinny riding on a muni of some sort I believe. I prefer muni riding, but there aren’t all that many skinny skinnies around here. So I end up doing all my skinnier skinnies (<4") on a trials uni and all the rest is more natural log riding out on the trails on my muni.

To go into a bit more detail, I feel more comfortable on my muni for the sort of skinny riding where you can correct most of your balance by moving the wheel laterally beneath you. I feel more comfortable on the trials uni for skinnier skinnies where the rail might be smaller than the tyre and the vast majority of balance correcting has to be done by moving your body over the rail and the uni. This is where I think having a small and light trials uni wheel comes in handy.

Thanks for posting that link. I haven’t watched that video for many months…it’s absolutely amazing and the terrain is beautiful. I’m going to go on a unicycling holiday to the northshore as soon as I can. :slight_smile:


having only a 24" muni most of my skinny riding has been on it (still nothing compared to the likes of Andrew). The main difficulty i see with the muni is the length of the cranks. I run 170’s and because of that when i’m riding a skinny pretty much more of me is moving aroung which i then have to correct for. On a 20" however i found it easier because basicly less of my weight was moving therefore i had to correct less= longer/skinnier skinny riding,

Another interesting point.

Wow, you must be one smart rodent. With all that talk about logic, maybe you should switch your name to gerbilvulcan. You’re like Spock, but with an edge. It’s impressive how you’ve used your IQ and Logic to bash a relative newbie to the forums. It’s important not to miss those opportunites. Too many members like John, Andrew, and Napalm get lulled into providing useful responses or sharing their personal experiences. We’d hate to become known for that.

That’s one of my favorite muni riding vids. I don’t care for how it speeds up the video in places, but other than that it’s great.

When you visit the North Shore on holiday let us know. If you’re lucky you might be able to coax the Vancouver area people to organize a ride for ya. A few of us in the Seattle area could even make the short trip up north.

The B.C. area is a great place for a holiday. Lots of outdoors stuff to do. There’s fun at Whistler (things like zip lines and MTB trails), Victoria, San Juan Islands (technically the San Juan islands are in the U.S. but close enough to B.C.), boat trips, sea kayak trips, sailing trips, lots of things to do.

Just don’t plan it for this year. We’ve gotten very little snow and rain this Winter and I predict that a lot of MTB trails are going to get closed during the Summer due to fire danger.

encore rutabaga! we were all once naive newbies who asked questions that had been asked thousands of times before. i’m glad that there were people who gave me direct advice back then.