Skinnier tire on an alex rim?

I was wondering if a 20X2.10 primo the wall tire would fit on my 20 inch alex dx 32 rim that currently has a 20X2.50 trials tire on it

thanks for the help

No, it won’t. That rim will only accept 19x2.5" tires. No 20" tire will fit.

in that case can anybody recommend a good, strong, 20 inch bmx style rim

will a 20X2.10 tire fit on an arrow rim?

No. Arrow (19"), Monty, Alex dx-32 (19"), and try-all (19") rims only fit 19" tires. 20" tires won’t fit. Try a freestyle rim, such as the primo hula-hoop or something.

Primo Hula Hoop is Excellent

I put a primo Hula-Hoop onto a CroMo Hub with an onza 20" sticky fingers tyre (20" not 19" !!!) and I use it for trials (until I save up for a splined trials uni). I have bent two sets of cranks with it and the rim is fine, I’m not light and I’ve done some big drops (hence the bent cranks) and I’ve had absolutely no problems with the rim at all. I’ve even had the tyre pressure too low and hit the rim on a few drops, its still fine. If it can take me throwing it about and jumping off stuff I reckon it will be perfect for freestyling with.

Hope this helps.


You can get an Alex DX32 rim in the 20 inch BMX size too.

The price has gone up a little bit though. I bought one there last year for like $22. Good strong rim.

Here’s a link to my gallery with some pictures of the rim.


ive been wondering the same thing but unfortionatly it wont work but the best 20 inch rim would be an alex supra triple walled rim