Skills first time performed record + pedals -> hopping on wheel

Alberto Ruiz writes:

>Hopping on wheel was usually entered from the floor or by jumping from the
>pedals while turning the unicycle 90 degrees. Before UNICON IV, Javier &
>Ernesto Ruiz developed a new entry. When they jumped from the pedals they
>turned the unicycle 270 degrees on the ending on hopping on the wheel. They
>showed that trick on tandem on their pair routines. Javier & Ernesto were then
>14 & 15 years old respectively .

I’m sorry that I can’t comment on who was first to do a 270 uni-spin transition
from pedals to wheel, since I can’t remember the first person I saw doing it.
However, in the discussion of who did some skill first, it is best to have as
much first-hand evidence as possible. Multiple independent witnesses and/or
video tape and an agreement on the exact date the skill was first performed.
Anyone care to comment on the minimum proof required to establish a skill first
performed record?

Another way to do the pedals to hopping on the wheel transition:

In jumping from the pedals to hopping on the wheel, some people rotate
themselves 90 degrees while the unicycle remains stationary. Is self rotation of
270 degrees possible in this transition?

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RE: Skills first time performed record + pedals -> hopping on wheel

I do a new ( I think ) entry to hopping on the wheel, it goes
something like this: I go into side idling, and quickly change feet
so my right foot is on the left pedal. I hop seat on side like this,
then I jump off of the pedal, and land on the wheel. The prob;em with
this is that when you land, the pedals aren’t positioned parallel to

 tho floor, but rather they are perpendicular. Getting down is rather unusu
 al, but i have done it many times. Oh well...Karl