Skills-270 to hopping on wheel

I would like to have a permanent discussion thru this Mailing List on the
origins of the Unicycling Skills. I will present the origins to my best
knowledge. If somebody defers, please don’t get annoyed & tell us your story.

>From previous letters we traced the origin of the 2-wheeler
to Jack Halpern. He picked up the idea from somebody else (anybody knows who)
built a 2-wheeler and mastered it.

The Kick-up mount was thought up by the same Jack Halpern, who had problems with
it. He discussed it with Daniel Dumeng who was able to do it with minor
adjustments. Jack then mastered it the same date.

Hopping on wheel was usually entered from the floor or by jumping from the
pedals while turning the unicycle 90 degrees. Before UNICON IV, Javier & Ernesto
Ruiz developped a new entry. When they jumped from the pedals they turned the
unicycle 270 degrees on the ending on hopping on the wheel. They showed that
trick on tandem on their pair routines. Javier & Ernesto were then 14 & 15 years
old respectively .

RE: Skills-270 to hopping on wheel

I have seen the 270-on the wheel, but what about the 450- on the
wheel? The rulebook has this listed as a standard trick with a value
of…hmmmm, <scratches head> I can’t seem to find the rulebook right
now, but I think it’s something like 6.0! Has this been done, or is
the listing just there in case someone learns it? I assume though that
if anyone has done it, it would probably be the Puerto Rican
unicyclist Jose Roman. (Jose has done lots of things that no one else
dare try:) Back to the point: Has it been done? Curious, Karl