skill level videos...

I’ve been riding for 4 months and I’m having a lot of fun!
I’ve made some skill level videos (only levels 1 and 2. Level 3 seems too difficult for the moment for me), and although they show a very basic riding, I wanted to share them with you:


hey cool you’re about the same as me, i started just under 4 months ago and am finding level 3 a bit tricky.

riq you NEED a new seat…

irvinegr, you’re right! It is very uncomfortable.
I bought a Torker dx 24", and it will arrive, hopefully, by the end of august.


Hi iridemymuni.
In level3 I’m having problems doing the figure 8 (in 1,5 metres) and also riding with my stomach on the seat. How about you ?


i’ve got the figure 8 downpact, but i cant get the stomach on seat ride yet

I wouldn’t worry too much about riding with the stomach on seat. I also had trouble with this at level 3. Although riding with stomach on seat is level 3, I think learning to ride sif before stomach on seat was easier. After much practice riding sif, I was just able to do stomach on seat no problem.

Not to mention it’s pretty much usless except for looking cool…

u guys should go to, leo did all of the work for you. good idea though but you don’t have to go through recording the levels…unless you want to

Im annoyed cause I can do all the level 7 stuff but cant get level 5 down :angry:

thats sort of like me. i can do pretty much all of level 5. pretty much none of level 6, half of level seven, none from level 8 or 9 and one trick from level 10