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Wouldn’t it be nice if words could do more? Somehow the rules for standard skill and skill level testing leave me with a few questions. I know the gurus who do the judging know the meaning of the words, I’m hoping to get some more information on some less than clear areas.

For instance, in skill level testing the rules say that we should refer to the descriptions of standard skill for how a skill should be performed. Does this mean the skill levels need to be performed with arms parallel to the ground? Does that include the body position? Or is it just the unicycle contact with the ground?

Figures: how straight does the 10M figure have to be? I’m thinking within 30cm. How round to circles need to be? If your circle looks like a multi-gon and you are obviously jerking your body around the circle, does that count? Figure 8’s: does there need to be an obvious inflection point? How blurred can the transition between the two circles be?
Also how similar in size do the two circles of the figure 8 need to be to count as similar?

Misses and mounts: are the mounts actually separate enumerated skills? If you miss a mount twice, that’s it?
If you miss three mounts on the first attempt, you have no misses left?

Riders can only test once per day. Can a rider pass two levels in one day? Does this rule mean you can only fail one level per day, passing as many as you can before you fail?

Sharp turns and other confined skills: do you need to mark the ground in some way to indicate to the rider where the limits are?

Idling skills: is the amplitude of the cycle important?

Back/Frontspin: This is a beautiful skill when performed as described. How continuous must the motion be to qualify as a continuous motion? Execution advice: I am turning 90 degrees then the second 90 is done in the opposite direction. When you reach the end of the first 90, what alignment should the pedals be in? I have one down and the other up, should they be parallel to the ground?

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I’ll give it a go; I’m on the skill levels committee, but we are working on these things so your reading and questions will help us improve for the next version.

No. The referral is rather ambiguous, but the reading is that form does not matter nearly as much in skill level testing as it does in standard skill comptetion.

Same answer as above.

I have no idea what you are getting at here.

Not really that straight. The straightness comes in the “within 10 cm” skill under level 2. After that straight is basically “in the same direction under control”. If you are obviously barely hanging on, going all over the place, that wouldn’t count.

Perhaps this is something to tighten-up in the next version.

Again, the skill levels are at a lower standard than competition. So yes, that would count.

If you are obviously riding a figure 8, and the two halves are about the same size, then you are fine. During competition, you are judged on these things, but skill levels are a pass/fail matter. That said, we will look into having tighter standards in this for higher skill levels.

Yes. There are a couple of loopholes we are working on.


Yup. Three different mounts, that is.

Yes, although you can’t read that from the text.

Yes, that’s the intention of the current version. Provided you can find a tester that is that patient!

Not really. It’s kindof up to the tester to ensure that the turns happen, but other than that, there are no current restrictions.

Nope. I suppose that the cycle should be visible and countable; a still stand would not be acceptable.

I’m not sure on this and will try to get back to you on it. Please remind me. :wink:

Your pedal position is irrelevant, which makes the skill easier to perform. If you are Kris Holm on a wall 3 stories up, you have to take the pedal position you have when you hit the corner. Not so in the skill levels.

Keep 'em coming!

Excellent questions and excellent answers; it was highly informative.



Re: Skill level testing

Excellent answers from U-turn. Here’s a little bit more…

Bear in mind that Standard Skill has points, and level testing is pass/fail. You have to do the skill, but you don’t have to do it perfectly. Of course if you want to nail it as accurately as possible, shoot for what’s described in the Standard Skill rules, which are what you want in the vast majority of skills (there are some variations). Apply this pass/fail rule for similar questions.

If you can ride “blurred,” I want to see it. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if you’re thinking of a 90 degree “x” in the middle of your 8. You ride in a circle, and then lean over to ride in another circle in the opposite direction. You do not attempt to make a 90 degree left or right at the center point. I say this because I’ve seen people try to do it on the New York State road test for motorcycles, whilch uses lines painted on the ground. Uh, draw the 8 with the bike the same way you would draw it with a pencil!

That said, as long as you keep riding and your “8” isn’t horrible, it will probably pass. If it starts being something other than an 8, you’re in trouble.

Yes. This is one of the weaker areas in the skill levels, and will probably only be “fixed” when a specific mount is described for each level. The original intent of the levels is that a rider would learn one new mount for each level. But when testing, unless your tester has a list of what you did before, you have to repeat them all. Taken literally, as some testers do, you must actually repeat all mounts even if the tester saw them on the previous level 5 minutes ago.

Yes. The intent with this area, as I understand it, is to preserve the sanity of level testers so they cannot be monopolized by people trying to test. This also is intended to apply to regularly available testers, such as in a local club. If you’re from Podunk and at the NAUCC testing, there will probably be more flexibility as long as there is enough time to allow all to test, and/or enough testers. My interpretation of that rule is that the tester does not have to test you on more than one level per session, but they can if they want.

No, but it can’t hurt to do so if you want.

When I’m testing, I require at least a little bit of continuity of momentum. If the rider performs a maneuver like a car pulling into a driveway, briefly stopping, then continuing down the street in reverse, I don’t consider it a frontspin or backspin. Other testers are looser in their definition. The idea is that the body maintains a more-or-less continuous motion in the direction of travel, while the wheel changes direction underneath.

Thanks for the great questions!

Re: Re: Skill level testing

By blurred I ‘think’ I meant that the finish point doesn’t exactly meet up with the start point, either for a circle or the entire figure 8, but maybe I should try to entertain the crowd with my amazing, never seen before, blurred riding skills. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t thinking of a 90 degree x. I was thinking that a perfect figure 8 would have an inflection point, where one instant you would be leaning in toward the first circle, and then the next instant you would flip over and lean into the second circle. A not so perfect figure 8 would look more like two tear drops connected at the points. Obviously this is much easier, as you avoid the inflection point. I’m not even sure if this is as hard as performing two circles, one in each direction, because you only need to perform something more than 180 degrees of each circle to get the teardrop shape.

I think then, the answer on the figure 8 is that it doesn’t matter where you start and end, as long as you make an 8 shape. In Standard Skill, figures are usually ridden beyond the starting point, to make sure the rider has completed it all the way.

Thanks for all the great help.

just wondering can u send a video to pass all/any of the skill levels?

Yes. Though I don’t believe it says specifically in the IUF rules, it does in the USA rules.