Skill level testing in Australia

I’m working on my level 5 skills at the moment, and hope to have them ready soon. How do I do the test? IUF or USA? Is there anyone in Australia who can test me, or I can send a video to?

Any Australians out there who have passed a skill level test?

what do you get for video taping it and “officially” passing a level? A card that says level 5?

A friend of mine checked and I’m pretty sure you can send in videos to pass the tests. I’m assuming you’d have to be in the fram the whole time to avoid editing and cheating. Good luck. Where in Australia do you live?


I’m in Ballarat, Victoria. The IUF website says;

To formally achieve a skill level a rider must pass a skill level exam with an authorized examiner. Examiners are authorized by the IUF, the USA or other connected unicycling organizations. If no authorized examiner is available, riders can send a video tape, with no edits per level, to an authorized examiner in their country, or to the IUF Skill Levels and Rules Committee. Videos must clearly show all the necessary details of each skill.

So I guess a video can be sent to them. Presumably the video has to been in an appropriate format?

Hmmmm I think you’d be better off emailing them and asking them about it. Good luck.

Re: Skill level testing in Australia

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004 22:10:58 -0500, “fattyjules” wrote:

>To formally achieve a skill level a rider must pass a skill level exam
>with an authorized examiner.

I think level 1 u/i 4 are exempt from that requirement (in that you
can have ‘anyone’ judge it), but I’m not sure how I know that. Since
you (fattyjules) are working at level 5 it doesn’t matter for you

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levels testing in Australia

Are you a member of the Australian Unicycle Society?

Contact the AUS and you may be able to track down the level tester closest to you.

Also, if you are going to Darwin for the 2005 unicycle national championships, you will be able to be level tested then (if you can wait that long!)

Good luck.


I’d better introduced myself. Fattyjules, I’m David Mason from Toronto NSW Lake Macquarie Australia. I will be on at home one day but at the moment, I’m at the Salvation Army Community Center where I"m using their computers and I’m doing Volunteer Work for them as a Office Assistance. Hopefully I will be in future be a Soldier for the Salvation Army. I’m heavily invovled with the church service and most work with the Salvation Army where possible. I ride unicycle but I don’t use the skill levels like you.
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