skill level test

I joined the USA a couple weeks ago, and decided it was finally time to take an official skill level test. I’ve tried emailing various individuals, but haven’t been able to set up anything. I was wondering what the best way to go about setting up a test is, or at least how some people have managed to do it. Thanks.

do you have any idea what level you should be at??
i think you can self test up to level 4, but its kinda pointless to test, unless you are level 10 or something. the skill levels are mostly just a list of tricks to learn

Yeah, I know it’s mostly just a list of tricks to learn, and that’s always how I’ve viewed it. I’m just trying to organize a unicycling club at my college, and the more official stuff I can throw together, the better chance I have of getting the school to sanction us, offer us a budget, etc. I can pass level 7 right now, but I’m just a couple tricks shy of finishing level 8.

thats pretty cool
good luck w/ the club

see if you can contact someone who can offically test you i guess. If you go to a big unicycling event in USA chances are there will be a tester there, but those sorts of events aren’t held too often. You may as well work on as many tricks as possible, so that one day if you meet a tester you can go for level 7 or whatever level. The other option would be video taping it and sending it in.