Skill Level System

Dennis writes:

>John Stimpson wrote:
>>Am I the only person on this list that thinks the Skill Level Certification
>>System is silly? For one thing - a certification system for unicycling? For me
>>and everyone I know, unicycling has been completely informal, and we try to
>>learn whatever tricks we feel like. Unicycling for me is more a fun form of
>>transport, and a lot of the cool stuff I’ve done/seen done has had a lot more
>>to do with terrain and obstacles, or the ability to do normal things while on
>>a uni, like pick things up off the ground, (which is requisite for) playing
>>frisbee, basketball, etc.
>As a total novice I for one was glad to find such a system mapped out,
>especially when I found out that a demonstration videotape was available.
>Isolated geographically as I was/am, I would have never guessed that so
>many skills were even possible and I feel that my progress has been
>expedited greatly.

I feel the same why, it’s sorta nice but only as a reference point to compare
yourself to what others can do. In juggling you can say how many balls/clubs you
can juggle and people get an approximate idea of where you stand. But I am not a
big fan of certification and saying one person is a better unic (I like that
word, typing ‘cycl’ all the time slows my fingers) because they learned the
tricks in order and have completed more levels seems too cliqueish. Of course,
I’m not a performer or competitor, I just enjoy learning new talents (and
getting over that hangup of being called ‘not coordinated’ :-).

>I probably wouldn’t go as far as tracking down an examinator and being tested,
>or buying the USA patch and Level chevrons, but it’s nice to know where you

You’re kidding? They actually have those things??

>are and get an idea of where you want to go. IMHO the Skill Level system is a
>good basic set of skills to acquire. Of course one may add, embellish or

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