Skill level database idea thingy

I’m sure most of youse know the website:
with most of the freestyle skills and a few others.

I just had an idea that you could make a list of every possible skill and then riders tick whether they can do each one or not, and at the end they given a code or URL that is unique to those skills that they ticked.

Then you could enter this code into a website or something and it brings up the skills list and shows which skills you can do. And then you enter a code for another person, (or just your old skill level) and you can easily compare the skills between different riders and create some friendly rivalry.:wink:

What do you reckon?

I bet the world famous computer ninja Gilby could do it.

And the people who don’t flipspinjumporwrap?

i think that is a great idea

edit:i think it would be helpful if all the skills were put from easiest to hardest so if you didnt know what to try next you could look and see

just tick the box anyway… you could become the best rider in the world with just a few clicks of the mouse (there’ll be 6,598 riders that can play Sk8r Boi on the bagpipes while riding their giraffe down stairs within 6 months, you’ll see).

idk about every1 else but i would use it to find other stuff to try and compare me and my freinds… i think that maybe there shouldnt be a ranking list so that even if you did check all of the boxes it wouldnt do anything…

Well, there will be a Facebook app to to that in a few days. I still need to find more time to finish it, but yea*–*I’ll announce it when done.

you should make a myspace one.

The horror, the horror…

But I would like to see that in a parade tho.

The levels cannot and should never be used to compare or classify each other, but solely to stimulate a riders own individual level.

The page freestyle is ever exanding; just send me videos (on anything that’s missing or could be improved)!

the page standard is still the outdated standard-skill list, the new one is half finished, and has more catagories.
Once the freestyle page becomes too bulky of course things will be catagorized different.