Skill Level 7+ mounts

Hi all,

Ben is working on Level 7 so we need to come up with seven types of mounts.

The rules state that for Level 7 and above, riders must mount to a skill other than riding or a standard idle. The ending skills in the mounts may be repeated but the mounts all have to be different. We take that to mean if the rider wished to do seven different mounts that all end in wheel walking, it would be okay. Please correct me if we’ve misinterpreted the rules.

So far, Ben has the following:

  1. Kick-up to wheel walk.
  2. Jump mount to one-foot wheel walk.
  3. Mount to one-foot idle.
  4. Rolling mount to one-foot extended.

What other combinations would you suggest?


Your interpretation is correct. As the “science” of level testing is imperfect, there is still some degree of judgement call required by the tester. In other words, though all mounts may end in wheel walking, they must be substantially different from one another, not minor variations.

From the list you provided, I don’t think I would accept #3. There is very little difference between that mount and a rollback mount. I’m sure Ben’s got something more challenging up his sleeve, or he can think one up pretty quick!

I can do this mount ( someties), where you had the uni infront of you with the right pedal all the way down, and your holding the seat in your left hand. The uni is on an angle, then you jump bringing your left foot around the right side, then around front and kinda put it on the left pedal while your sitting down, and take off, slowly. I’m not sure what this is called if it’s an actual mount, but if I can do it consistantly it kinda looks impressive, and not too hard for me.


There are lots of good ones directly to seat-in-front, such as the toe-up mount and pickup mount (I think those are the right names). Another quick-to-add mount is side mount directly into seat-in-front. Also a mount directly into SIF idling might be acceptable. So he should be able to get 3 or 4 mounts out of SIF. Also SIF backwards, such as side mount directly into SIF backwards.

Why not a back mount into 1f idling? that should be sufficiently different and should be easy to pick up.

Another could be jump mount directly into hop on wheel, then drop to w-w.

Some possible mounts:

A leg around front mount - lots of variaties
A leg around back mount - lots of variaties
A free jump mount (suicide mount) : This is much easier than it looks, just takes guts.
Pick up mount

I don’t know if these are official mounts, they’re counted as transitions in the standard skills list but anyway:
1ft on pedal, seat on ground in front. Flick up the seat with the free foot
Same thing but with the seat on the ground out the back.

Mount to seat out front, back, side
If you can idle 1ft seat out front or even better ride seat out front 1 footed you could mount/rolling mount to that.

Jump mount to seat out front (if you don’t have a jump mount)

Uni-spin jump mount to seat out front (substantially harder version of jump mount)

Back mount to one foot idle.

mount to hopping on tire (but you have to get out of it and ride off, since this is level seven, he must be able to do that)

Side jump mount to wheel walk

Spin mount 360. I think there is a level requirement on the degrees, but spin mount is accepted (I think?)

Side mount, leg around once. (Substantially harder version, do you have to end up in something like 1ft ww?, how about seat out, or seat out hopping)

how about leg-around-once mount to seat out in front? I can do this mount and am only on level 5-6. maybe you could do leg-around-once to seat out in back. or side mount to wheel-hops? I know someone who makes this look so easy.

I dunno if these would count because you start out hopping, but:

side hop to riding (either seat in, out in front, or out in back) or
side hop to leg-around-once mount to riding (I can do this mount pretty good with me ending up riding with seat out in front)

also I am really good at hopping with just the uni (seat and tire) or the ground (I hop on either the cranks or pedals) maybe if you could then pick it up from that that would be considered a “mount”???