Skill Exam

hey guys whats up? my friends and i all have unicycles and we are now making movies so, it would be really cool if you would watch them and see what we could try next

heres the link:


go to and type in Willmer0098 in the search box, there are two movies there.

Rampage had the worst riding/music ever.

With any creativity you could get better:
Hop up higher stuff.
Not riding retardedidly fat “skinnies”, go smaller!:smiley:
Jump off bigger stuff.
Learn street moves.


I agree with danni

don’t use scenes where people are hopping sideways down stairs one by one. It doesn’t look impressive and it takes up to long in the movie.

lol was that music DragonForce by any chance?

Only guessing that because ive never heard a band that can rival their status as wankiest band of all time.

That’s not a matter of creativity, that’s just a matter of being a better unicyclist. Essentially saying ‘you’re not good at unicycling’ is far from a helpful comment. Genreally the idea of these forums is to spport and help your fellow riders, not tell them how crap they are.

Bow_and_arrow, i would avoid repeat shots of different people riding the same section, I know you’re all proud because you did it, but it slows the pace of the film and adds predictability, by the second time viewers know exactly what is going to happen.



Not even intelligent enough to come up with your own stupid reply.

I was giving him suggestions. With a bit of creativity you could try anything, and thus get better.

I’m sorry if my post came across as ‘you’re not good at unicycling’.

He didn’t want editing techniques, he wants to know what he should learn next. Read the post genius.

You freaking hypocrite.

hey willy im in the next vid yay