skill drills

Sling <> writes

> I do a warmup drill that I call the star. Think of hitting the four points of
> a compass. From an idle, peddle a half-revolution forward to the north, then
> backwards a half-revolution to the east, then forward a half-rev to the south,
> backwards a half-rev to the west. Then reverse directions. One direction will
> be harder for you than the other, but once you can nail this drill you won’t
> fall off nearly as much when you’re fighting for the ball.

I am very familiar with this-I discovered it myself while trying to learn
something else. When someone asks to see a short demonstration of unicycling
this is usually what I do first. I try to practice all my idling skills in this
pattern as I learn them well enough. First it was two-footed idling, then
one-footed idling, nowadays I’m trying to do seat-in-front idling that way.

I’m getting better at wheel walking but haven’t quite managed to get the pedals
back when I’m done–any tips?

Dennis Kathrens