ski with bc?

ok. ive had a boring week and have been daydreaming in class. i got thinking, has anyone ever gone down a ski slope (with snow) on a bc.? and to stop it from rolling down the hill when you fall, bolt snowboard bindings to your plates, and strap your snowboard boots to them.

any feedback reguarding how crazy i am, any problems, or if youve done it would be appreciated.

It isn’t crazy, i would want to try it someday. Does that make me crazy? :smiley: :smiley: Yeah maybe. haha :smiley: You should try it. If it turns out successful, it may become a new sport. Something like BCing (as in BC skiing :)) or these BSF (BC Skiing Fresstyle) BST (BC Skiing Trials)

Take care

or it could not casue it wont work
the wheel wont spin

Nothing is impossible unless you say it is and in a way it can work. Just put ski chains or caterpillar tracks on it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

why wouldnt the wheel turn?

over where you live your snow is powdery and fluffy, so that may be why.

but over here in australia, our snow is wet and compact, none of that fluffy goodness. a wheel would definatly roll down our ski fields well.

or just a ski like mine

I was thinking about this to just my idea was a little different. My idea was to get a ski about three foot long and take just the hub and plates instead of the whole wheel. I don’t know if it would work or not but I might try it one day

Well i have a weird and somewhat dangerous idea. It’s called Luge BC. :smiley: :smiley:

hey, thats pretty much what i did:D :smiley:

the whell will jsut slide out from under you and get caught in snow

if you used a 24" wheel with a very low pressure filled 3" tire, there is no reason it couldn’t work, depending on the snow conditions

can you pm me some pictures of it or something because I would love to see it or I might just pm you instead

it wont wook good at all ive done it before

I like it.

why not just put a ski on it?

[QUOTE=any feedback reguarding how crazy i am, any problems, or if youve done it would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

don’t worry bout the crazy part, you ride a unicycle:D

just make sure to put a fat knobbly tyre on your bc before hitting the snow!
this sounds like a lot of fun, but will the resort let you on the lift?

that is why he would ride on packed or groomed runs, call yourself a skier…:slight_smile:

whats a BC ?? Your idea sounds sorta like mine, i want to put a ski on the bottom of my wheel, and try to make it downt the run. Someone said that i would want the bearings to be fixed, but i was thinkin to properly carve you would need to move the seat all over the place…

I have had this bc ski idea for a really long time now. I have a design for the bcski, but just havn’t motivated myself to actual build one, probably because i don’t live near the snow. I was just going to make one for all the bc wheelers out there on Just reading this makes me want to put time aside and start building the bcski beacuse i didn’t know so many knew of this idea. Just as Ricky was saying, it involves one ski. This ski would either be a freestyle based ski or a ski board ski (wide skis). (Both skis are very short). The ski board has a nice 4 bolt pattern to construct the vertical frame which the bc plates would attatch to. has anyone thought of this type of setup before?

my idea could also be used for vert to get insanely high hops. and bad falls