Ski lift Muni at Mammoth

Anybody ever experience Ski lift Muni at Mammoth? I called and they said that the gondola ride up is about 15 min, and the ride back down is a good 10 miles or so. They have over 100 miles of mtb trails and ranging from novice to extremely technical with HUGE drops. I want to do something close to the latter!

So I’m wondering, if I start early am, how many times i will be able to do the up/down if I’m there the whole day. Of course, I’ve never done it before, so just ONE time might be plenty. Especially since I’ll be stopping a lot to set up for filming. But I plan to stay at least two days to get in plenty of riding! It’s open for DH MUni 'till Sept. 21st, so I plan to be going in the next couple weeks! :smiley:

(PS: I know there’s an older thread about ski lift MUni at Lake Tahoe, but I just wanted to see if anybody has ever done this, or plan to at Mammoth. :slight_smile: )