Ski Area MUni

Life is good. Cheers:D

Cheers indeed. That is an awsome picture. Those mountains in the background are absolutly breath taking. Way to go :smiley:

Re: Ski Area MUni

Nice! The Bells aren’t so maroon this time of year!

Awww i wish i was skiing.Or muniing at a ski hill.Or somthing.Cool.

That’s great! Now who was it that started that thread on “extreme idling”? :slight_smile:


Re: Re: Ski Area MUni

Thats right, and they will be white for quite some time as winter keeps coming at us. Wanna race?

Hi all.
This is me on mt. Cermis, 2250 meters high in the italian Alps.
And I was working (as a entertainer-juggler)!
So they paid me for this!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
And I was wearing SNOWBOARD BOOTS!

Very Nice! Did you ride down the mtn on the muni?

Thats an awsome pic…very awsome!

Muniing down a ski hill would be my dream…

Nice Mike! Has the North Face of Maroon Bell ever been descended by MUni? :slight_smile:

I’ve descended the mountain many times! For a week I made up and down 5 o 6 times every day! Up with the chair lift, down with the Muni!
here’s a short video of me going downhill!:smiley:


Also mine!

You lucky duck!

It was I.
Man! I really wish that 1. I could ride down a ski slope (with permission). 2. I could ride with Aspen Mike anywhere he’s posted photos of.