Ski Area MUni

My daughter Lily (11) and I rode the chairlift up Aspen Highlands Ski Area on 3/20. We only went as high as midway, 10’000’ or 3,048 meters above sea level. It was Lilys first time going down the Ski Area on her MUni, in winter. We had a blast making it through the lift line, as there were many comments. Loaded the chair with no problem, as the operator made the comment, “Theres a first for everything”. First for him, as we have ridden down Highlands before. Took some photos at the top and began our descent. 2" of fresh powder on a melt/freeze layer made for some good riding at the start. Some of Lily’s classmates ski’ed up to us to check Lily out. She free mounted on the steep(medium) slope and rode away with a smile from ear to ear. The snow was such that you would pedal, then go static, and slide for 3-4 feet, then pedal again. It was quite fun, and Lily picked up on it pretty quickly. One of Lilys favorite memories was when we were under the chairlift rippin down. A group of snowboarders in harmony, loudly, sang the “cirucs” theme song. It was pretty funny. We probably had half a dozen or so people film us on our way down, I almost ran one guy over as I wanted to get close to him. Half way down I decided to run the race course, gates, and it was really fun. The upper part was steep, so I barely made that section. It flattened out at the bottom, which made for some high cadence turns in the slush. The lower 1/2 of our run was slush, so the riding, (sliding) was happening with almost every pedal stroke. We made it to the bottom, where there must have been 20 people waiting for us. They all gave us a big cheer and round of applause, yippeee. I was so proud of Lily, as she didnt complain once. At times it was very difficult for her. GIRLS RULE. If anyone wants to join in, this is the last weekend to do it. PM me and we can set it up. Coming down from the top is EPIC. Cheers.
Here is the link to the gallery to see some photos.