Skating vid with Me and Brendan in it!!!!

Hey guys,
I know its not unicycling but me and Brendan bumped into these guys on the MK ride. They filmed us and put us in the credits, got a mention too!

The skating itself is pretty awesome too! Alex is 10 years old!!!

Rock on!

Schweet, you went to Seattle?

Did you meet Dan Heaton?

Damn that kids rips. I was expecting a rolling hop down those those stairs.

That was sweet!

That was cool but didn’t fit. It was just odd seing you in there just stuck in the middle somewhere.

+1 on both

yeah that lil kid is sick…
hes gonna be the next daewon song or rodney mullen…

Yeaaahh, not sure I would say that. Don’t get me wrong this kid was good. But he had a solid skill set in transitions, vert, and street. He wasn’t all about tech tricks or all about one style of skating. Thats what daewon and rodney do, their street boys. Steets where its at.

wow, that kid had some style.
if he sticks with it, he’s gonna dominate when he gets older.
glad to see he’s skating with true skater passion.
no helmet.
good video!


The little kids in that vid are going to revolutionize skateboarding if they stick to it.

it did seem odd with you being the only one in the vid.

Was that full pipe somewhere in the Seattle area or was it in UK?

pretty much he most amazing little skater kid I’ve evr seen, that little bt with you and the stairs was kinda odd… just stuck in there. Still cool though…

ahaha the guy pm’d me on youtube and i watched it. I still feel so sorry for the kid.

Yeah, it looked like he had really hurt his ankle when we saw him, but the bloke was still pressuring him into attempting a massive drop. Poor kid.