eyy, have someone here ridden at like skateplaza in ohio? or love park in philly? or pier 7 in san fran? Just curious how the famous skatespots are to ride at. Or have someone been to barcelona and ridden? that’s haft to be the best place in the hole world.

peace, simon

have no one here never been to a famous skatespot? that’s wierd.


lol Ive always wanted to go to the love skatespot

Re: skatespots

Dan Heaton, Jeff Groves, Mike Clark, Zack Baldwin and myself (Mike Carroll) went to Skate plaza over NAUCC about a week ago. I have to say it is my fav. skate park I’ve been at although it was a bit crouded. If anyone is in the Dayton Ohio area its deffenatlly a park that is worth checking out, oh and the best part its free.

Dan shot some video there not sure if he’ll post any of it or not but we’ll find out I guess.

during naucc, Zack Baldwin, Jeff Groves, Dan Heaton, Mike Carol, and I went to the dc skateplaza in Dayton, OH.

It is the best skatepark I have ever riden, everything there is unicycleable, and the rails are perfect. The park is symetrical, so you won’t be bummed out by finding a nice ledge on your wrong side. It is designed after stuff you’d find street riding, even planter boxes (no pipes or bowles).

when we showed up, we got a little heat till Zack hit an 8 step rail. after that, everybody stopped skating and watched him move over to the 9. After he made that rail, someone asked him if he could do the 12. Before he could answer, all the skaters (about 25) rushed over to the rail.

Zack gave the rail a few attempts. Not being warmed up and riding on a bad ankle, i joined in reluctantly. I slid the whole thing, landed in control, but my foot slipped off which was hard enough on my ankle to put me out the rest of the day. to an eruption of applause, zack went on to conqure the rail after about 20 tries. After that, a bunch of kids tryed out our unis.

Jeff found a nice 3 step rail, slid it on his bc a few times, and was almost able to roll out of it.

gasworks park is a famous skate spot. the ledge dan and jacinto grind in u2 has been in many big skate vids.

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that’s a really good story thanks for sharing it, I’m so jeulos we got nothing like that in Sweden so I gotta say you’re really lucky.
And yeah skateplaza seems to be the best park ever build yet and I can’t waint to see the new dc skateplaza video.

Yeah I’ve seen it bunch of times in sk8videos that spot that Jachinto and Dan H slides.

Do you gonna post any pics or clips of ride at sk8plaza?

peace, simon.

Here some footage of some skaters on opening day on one rail there.,23430,1074502-892910,00.html

Also go here…

Then look at the top and go to Current projects… then to Skate Plaza DVD at the top then you can get a lot of images and stuff from the bottom left corner.

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yaa I’ve seen that

I thought they shut down Love Park in Philly, And Ripped up Peir 7. I skated for 6 or 7 years befor i picked up a Uni, so i ride at all the old skatespots i used to skate at. there awsome.

The park is not a “skate” park anymore, it’s a original park now and it’s illegal to skate there, but uni is not skate. But i don’t know anymore if it’s illegal becouse there where so many skaters and demonstrate about the law against sk8ers there on Go Skate Day. And I don’t know if they’ve ripped up pier 7.

peace, Simon

lookeylookey here

So can you Uni at Skate Plaza…I know dan and them did but can anyone???

It says no bikes, but then you get into the whole bike/uni thing…


yaa I think so

and Mike, does Nik Caffroy still uniing? and if, is there any pictures or clips on him ?

peace, Simon