skaters and new moves

I went on a little expedition on the weekend and cruised past the local school
where a whole heap of 11-16 year old skaters were trying out their moves. I went
in, and surprisingly they were quite interested - I thought that they’d be
calling me names. I showed off wheel walking, one footted, jumped off a stage,
jumped up a flight of stairs etc. they were quite impressed. I’m just annoyed i
couldn’t land any uni-spins or make the transition to wheel hopping.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I was thinking of some radical moves
somewhat like skating moves. I guess our uni-spinis the same as a kick flip or
360 on a skateboard (these moves involve jumping the board into the air and
spinning it in various orientations). I was thinking of doing something like:

  • a uni-spin off a ledge - skateboarders often do this.

  • a rail slide - bunny hop onto a rail and catch the pedal on the rail. If the
    rail slopes downward, then you’ll be going down too!

  • a bench slide - as above, but simply get the pedal caught on the bench. If you
    have enough forward momentum you would slide along the bench. (I"m going home
    to try this one now)

  • unicycle full pipe - they have these concrete pipes about 6’ in diameter at
    the school. I was thinking about putting my hands on the roof and pushing
    hard, and then cycling around in the full loop.

  • jump-piourrete (arghh, can’t spell it write!) hold the seat out in front, and
    jump up and spin around, landing on the pedals (as opposed to jumping up and
    spinning the uni around)

Obviously these moves are crazy, but only as crazy as bunny hopping off stages,
540 or 720 degree uni spins, uni spins on giraffes, wheel walking.
. . .

Love to hear if anybody can do any of these, i’m going home to hurt myself now.

Nic Price

Re: skaters and new moves

those are some kick A## ideas. I can’t wheel walk yet but I wil surely have
fun when I start getting alittle more stable. I am able to jusp upa few stairs
at a time now.